I want my 1st Bbag...please help!!

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  1. That's a GGH PT, think you can try looking at shopping subforum. I think it has been posted where it is available.
  2. If you visit the shoppng subforum, you'll see posts on where most of us buy our bags from. I think under the Reference section you'll find a sticky on a list of shops to buy them from in different countries as well. Are bbags worth the money? Most of us here will say yes! As long as you won't go into financial hardship or debt getting one, why not? :P
  3. I totally agree with jo_ee! Good luck!


  4. Just in case you don't know what the initials mean, GGH PT, it stands for Giant Gold Hardware Part Time. I know when I discovered Bal. I was going crazy trying to figure out all the terms and initials!!!
  5. You are LOST in Bbag lust!..face it, your dream GGH PT bag will haunt you until you succumb..:graucho:..best do your research in the suggested subForums and, if you look at e..y please post any finds on 'Authenticate this Balenciaga' so it can be looked at by the experts on this Forum before plonking down big-bucks ..good hunting Mizzjen ..
  6. If that's the exact color you want, you should be in luck, since black is a perennial color that's done every season. Be warned, though, that there are lots of gorgeous colors, and once you start looking, you're going to have a hard time choosing!!
  7. Hope you find your dream bag soon, mizzjen!! If you have any more questions in the future, just come on here, everyone is so helpful and nice!
  8. mizzjen, gorgeous bag!!! ive seen pics of her carrying that (and a giant city in black, too) - and it they always look so cute on her!

    ive been doing tons of "research" too before buying a bbag. you have to make sure it will be perfect for your lifestlye needs (what you bring with you, color choice, size & how much you can fit in it, etc), but even as a non-owner, i can tell that they are DEFINITELY worth the money! you can tell by looking at the leather & craftsmanship, and from how much the girls on the bbag forum LOVE them! :smile: i hear ya, they are expensive, but just keep saving towards it & i really think it's worth it.
  9. You've got great taste, girl! Good luck on your search!

    ....and yes, they are worth the big bucks!