I want more Tarina Tarantino, Are you obsessed?

  1. Are you obsessed with Tarina T's line? Which piece are you thrilled with and does the madness ever end? Any great ebay sellers to suggest?:flowers:
  2. I'm going to be honest here- I really love her jewelry. They are bright and colorful which I love. I'm not big on diamonds due to the child exploitation connected with the business. So costume jewelry is what I choose.

    I am disappointed with her high prices. I know that people start businesses to be comfy and profit. But I have to think twice about buying some items because it seems like highway robbery. But even with all that said I still have a TT wishlist!
    So she's laughing all the way to the bank.

    What designs do you like Pink? My favorites are the Pink Head and the lucite bracelets in all those great colors. Every so often on ebay some things will go for great prices. That's what I look out for and spurgle on full price things if I absolutely must have them.
  3. I am looking at a few of the buddah bracelets. I have yet to buy her stuff just because of the over-priced items. I agree with what you said, just a bit too high for costume pieces. Sure it is nice to make a profit but highway robbery is more like it:wtf: Do you know any great ebay sellers?
  4. I haven't bought anything off of ebay yet- although I'm watching closely every week. Have people been selling fake TT items? I see copies- but they always pit that it's handmade. (Even if they didn't it's extremely obvious)

    Her prices have risen over time also. She is a hit overseas and on the coasts especially. One cool thing is reselling is a breeze. I bought a toggle necklace for $100 and sold it recently for $80 on ebay. (I didn't have the card, just the pink bag) So that was cool.
  5. I just have one Taratino necklace, the butterfly.
  6. I love her Hello Kitty range, but I too think her jewelery is overpriced!
  7. I love Tarina Tarantino jewelry! Her designs are awesome, her Barbie collection is my favorite :smile: I've been thinking about ordering one of the Barbie cuffs and one of those bag candy handbag charms, hmm... :nuts:

  8. I commend your ethics. :yes:

    Be careful not to buy costume jewellery (or any other product) that is made in the Far East (as most costume jewellery and less expensive clothing is), as that is very likely to involve child exploitation as well, unfortunately. :sad:

    Ethically made jewellery made from ethical diamonds and gemstones and/or pre-owned vintage and antique jewellery may also be an option for you. :biggrin:
  9. I love TT jewelry! I have a few of her pieces.
    I definitely agree that it is overpriced- most of it is just plastic/lucite!
    I bought one of her 'bag candy' charm keychains and a few days after I bought it the guitar charm fell off and can't be fixed! :sad:
    Good thing I didn't pay retail for it!
  10. there are 2 pairs of earrings of hers that I'm eyeing! my ex-coworker use to wear her jewelry a lot and it looks so good in person!
  11. The Barbies are so cute! Which range were you looking at in particular? I love the Superstar Barbie one the best. But being a WOC I'm not sure I could pull it off.

    Love it!
  12. Thank you Chloe- I certainly keep that in mind. I wish there was more awareness about whats going on in other parts of the world.

  13. I also like the Superstar Barbie! I really want the big, chunky cuff with the multiple bands of lucite beads and the Barbie cameo in the middle. I went today to a couple of boutiques in search of TT jewelry, but didn't find a great selection. Probably order it online...
  14. I absolutley love Tarina's stuff :love:. I have quite a lot of pieces but mostly buy on Ebay as the retail prices are astonishing and can't find any places that stock TT jewellery in the UK.

  15. I agree. :yes: