i want more men runway small leather good

  1. hi guys,

    in the men line, we will see this spring the new bequia line, kangaroo line and the fabulous flower pattern keepall.

    it will be SO COOL if those new lines could be declined in "one shot" small leather good as cle, toiletry case or wallet.

    Just imagine a bequia zipped wallet with line signature zipper pull and the vuitton logo perforated or a kangaroo soft toiletry case or even a flower pattern cle, it will be so fun to mix everything as the girl can do with small items from LE lines (dentelle cle, polka dot round ...).

  2. i totally agree - i often find myself wanting a SLG from the denim line or the vernis line...since the men have so little variety. a s/s07 slg for men would be awesome!!
  3. I haven't decided on the Kangaroo bags but I am def. going on Feb. 1st to decide. I am getting the Sac Plat in the grey/black (I even heard it's a dark brown) color!
  4. I see you'r new addiction is denim so i'd say wait for the new ziped wallets comming soon im also looking fowart to getting one...
  5. Yep or just a cle ... i'm realy on the fence between the speedy case and the cle.
  6. i'm excited about the Sac Plat and Kangaroo bags too! An excuse to finally get an nice LV shoulder bag :smile: Oooh but the prices for leather :nuts::shocked::weird:
  7. THen you'll LOVE next season! Those small things on the chains look absolutely wonderful.