I want me a Khaki Medium Bowler... please help! :)

  1. Hi!! I absolutely love the khaki bowler, I think it's just TDF! :drool: Has anyone seen a medium Khaki bowler or know where I can get ahold of one? NM is preferred, but I would take anything in this case (just sold a Bal, have some extra cash, yay), thanks so much... I love all you tPF ladies! :smile:
  2. Are you talking about the bronze luxury linge bowler? If so, My sa told me she had one over 1.5 weeks ago.
  3. Hey! Yes, that's the one I'm looking for!! :smile:
  4. ill PM you
  5. The person whom I spoke with said they didn't have it ahh... has anyone else seen the bronze luxury ligne (or khaki) bowler, by chance... I'll love you forever if you have haha. :smile:
  6. Hi Jenn! :smile: That is what I'm looking for... I e-mailed the seller to see if they would lower the buy it now price, but ohh well, guess not. Cisforcoco... I know, I asked the seller if in the fourth picture there is rubbing, he said he examined the entire bowler and did not find any... but, that picture does look suspicious... so maybe it was for the best. :smile:

  7. I will keep my eye out for you -- can you let me know if you see a metallic black one?? :smile:
  8. That's sweet of you... I'm not sure I want this anymore since I'll be getting the large black metallic bowler, and already have the Khaki Baby Cabas... regardless, if I come across a metallic black I will definitely let you know! :smile:

  9. If anyone sees the bronze luxury ligne bowler, will you please pm me? I've decided I'd like to try to find one. I just saw some pictures and it is beautiful!
  10. cisforcoco, the bowler that was notorious for rubbing was the GOLD METALLIC bowler not the bronze deerskin bowler from pre-fall 2006. Smoothoprtr aka Mon returned hers last year because of that reason. It was a material defect.
  11. That is what I thought, but wasn't positive... that it is only the gold bowler with rubbing problems... because I have that one too, and unfortunately, that is the case. :sad: If the bronze is NOT known for rubbing, I do still want that haha, so please let me, and juniormint know if you happen to see a bronze luxury bowler!! :smile:
  12. Found it!!!! :yahoo: Thanks soooo much cisforcoco!!!! :happydance:
  13. Minal, you should keep both bowlers! Unless you find the khaki competes too much with your khaki Cabas and bronze CC tote. But the bowler really is a TDF style!