I want LV Monogram Leonor so bad, can anyone help?

  1. Hi guys...

    This is my first listing :p and I really needs helps. I'm crazy for LV monogram Leonor and as you guys know.. It's already discontinued. Can anybody help me???? I'm going crazy for it :push: helppppppp

    Thank you
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    Mentioning the MP
  3. sorry....i shouldn't post the name
  4. cherry buying and selling on tpf to people who are not in the marketplace is not allowed.

    balen- there is one i just saw on eBay and the seller says they are a member of tpf. check it out.
  5. sorry sorry, i forgot....forgive me please :crybaby::crybaby:
    was just trying to help

    no next time, i promise!!!:sad:
  6. Thank you guys..

    I'm worry about purchasing through eBay. I'm affrad with fraud :p
  7. ^^^ those are REALLY cute!
  8. I hope you find one that's in your price range!! ;)

    We look foward to responding to your inquiries in the Authentication board if you have any questions! :nuts: