i want juicy!!i want it i want it i want it!!!!!

  1. yea my birthday is coming up and with my bday money, i want one of these bags which one?!?! soo for my age..im gonna be 13 hehe so what u think?




    i luv them :drool::drool::nuts::nuts::drool:

    they would go so nice with my juicy couture glasses i can see me now.......lol
  2. I personally like the first one...the pink and brown looks so cute together!:yes:

    Happy Birthday!:smile:
  3. first one is cute! Happy birthday mine is coming up too
  4. thx yea im really feeling the first one..although idk yet..still have to think about it....atleast by my birthday[jan 19]hehe :love:
  5. The second one . . . it's classier imo.
  6. They are both adorable, but I think I'd vote for the 2nd one. It can be dressy or casual.
  7. Number 2 is much more sophisticated than number 1 in my opinion.
    So if you are more of a fun, preppy almost 13-yr-old.. then go for the daydreamer (option 1) or if you act more older for your age, and like to dress/be more sophisticated.. then go fornumber 2!
    Both are cute !!
  8. I personally like the second one, it will hold up longer and the quilting stlye and hardware is so classic looking. I do love the Daydreamer style (I have the cherry one, if you want to see my collection) but the bow and material doesn't stay as perky as I'd want it to. The second one will also come with a dustcover for storage but the Daydreamers do not, I had to get one off eBay for my cherry one.

    Good luck on your decision!
  9. u guys are making some rlly gud points...i wish i can get them both and be happy sadly i cant haha well it depends on how manty ppl give me money at my birthday party lol
  10. I vote for the second one . . . it's really cute.
  11. I have #1, it's really cute, yes.. but it's terry cloth so have to be really careful. Second one is cute also and agree as SatchelGirlJess said, it will hold up longer. Both are adorable & you'll look good on whatever you'll choose at the end. Goodluck & Happy B'day!
  12. The second one! :yes:
  13. I think for your age, the first one! It is really cute!
  14. My 11 year old daughter has three juicys. I like the first one with the scarf. I am underwhelmed by most of their leather pieces.
  15. The second one is better.