I want it.

  1. I love that style of bag. I want a double pocket tote in PGL (pebble grain leather)...
  2. i'm droooolin with yah...yep...
    it's beautiful. thinkin about getting it?
  3. I'd LOVE to...a bit out of my price range until about January...doubt it'll still be around. Oh well...I'll just look at it every day either until is sells out or January comes! :drool:
  4. :drool::drool:
  5. Yummy. I love pocket totes.
  6. Lovely.
  7. Love it! I have the double pocket in signature and it is a great bag. The croc is beautiful.
  8. So in love with that style..anyone have a tissue? droooool.
  9. I know. It's sad. Not many bags make me do that, but this one does for sure!
  10. NICE!!! I love it.
  11. that is a nice looking bag, you should get it!
  12. *drooling*

    I have that style in the denim SPLASH print (it's in my signature picture). I've only worn it twice...but it is a wonderful bag, and very cute.

    The only problem I have is that when placed on the shoulder (you know, to free up your hands for grabbing more bags LOL), the straps do not stay on. As it is more of a handbag than a shoulder bag, it's not a big deal. It's still VERY gorgeous...that colour and texture is FIERCE!
  13. Yes, she is beautiful!! I still think about her all the time...there is no way she'll still be there in February, so I will have to start searching high and low then!! (On a ban til then! :crybaby:)
  14. Awww :sad: *hug*

    I'll keep my fingers, eyes, arms, and toes crossed that you find it. Until then...let's get back to the drooling....