I Want It!

  1. okay, im sure many of us on here are making it a point to our new years resolutions to cut back on our bag collecting and spending.

    im going to be a bad lil girl here and devote this thread to our "got to have it", "really want it" and "i'll be damned if i dont get it" I WANT IT bag list for thesummer. i've had my eye on a few new bags, still on the hunt for older discntinued models, so lets get this lil guilty pleasure started!:graucho:
  2. I WANT IT:
    * MJ stella in butterscotch
    * miu miu coffer
    * Marc by marc jacobs zip satchel
    * something from the spring M by MJ collection (i aam in love!)
    * MJ patent elise (when a real one pops up on eBay)
    * coach legacy in whiskey
    * coach dapnhe in black
    * LV pouchette
    * gerard darel charlotte
  3. Oh how funny, I just made a similar list yesterday. Ok, I want: Rafe Crosby Sue in black, Kale Tate in navy, Botkier Bianca in black, Shih Keira tote in black, and a Ralph Lauren Pink Pony tote. I recognize I'll probably not get all of those :sad:
  4. Mulberry bayswater in chocolate darwin (for the autumn really!) That's it, all i want!!!
  5. Miu Miu coffer- more than anything and I'm still hunting for that cute little Kate Spade cape cod lobster hobo
  6. I just looked up the lobster line, how cute!
  7. I WANT IT:
    * Balenciaga Twiggy in Truffle or a green...
    * Balenciaga GH Hobo in color to be determined
    * Coach Legacy Satchel in brown
    * LV Epi Speedy
  8. I want it!!!!!!!!!! (but have no idea how I'm going to get it, since I just bought a Gucci).

  9. I am thinking about...this eclectic collection! That's me!
    Lanvin Kansas
    Celine Bittersweet
    Mulberry Bayswater in Oak Darwin
    Gryson Olivia or a Gryson Tote
    Something Hogan -- maybe hobo (for a knock around bag) or tote
    Anya Hindmarch, for a ladies who lunch bag
    A Longchamp 4x4
    Miu Miu Hobo
    Gerard Darel 24 Heures
    Belen Echandia
    MUST BE ON SALE!!! Remember ladies: anyone can pay full price, the fun is the chase.
  10. Oh my nerd! I am in love with this tote from that line
  11. I want more Chanel :yes: Especially Cambon in Khaki :yahoo: And shoes, shoes and more shoes :smile:
  12. Jimmy Choo large red Ramona tote
    YSL Downtown Tote in white
    anything Chanel
    Hermes black or baby blue Birkin
    Lanvin metallic Miss shoulder bag
    Givenchy medium Pluto in black
    Gucci Romy medium tote