i want it soo bad!!! opinions?

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  1. [​IMG]
    so my bag!...is this a good bag for a 12 year old???[13 next month?]
  2. Actually, I think that this is a great bag for a soon-to-be 13 year old. Enjoy!!
  3. I think its perfect for you.. Get it!!! and enjoy :smile:
  4. Oh yes, it's great!
  5. thx i think it would be so cute in the ebony or the azur!! which one?? this bag is calling me for christmas!
  6. yes!, I was thinking to purchase it. I got my mono when I was 13 its a perfect age!.
  7. its perfect for you. go for the ebony because you won't see the grime and you won't have to worry about the leather.
  8. Pefect size for a pre-teen, and not too showy for someone your age :yes:
    Congrats...you have great tastes ;)
  9. PERFECT!!!! Great bag for any age. Get it and ENJOY it dear!!! post pics!
  10. I want this so bad too! And I think it'd be perfect for you! Go on and get it. Don't forget to share with us!
  11. Love it. I´m sure it would look cute on you.
  12. yes not too much and not like for a little girl eighter
    mmm I would actually think the multicolor is nicer
  13. It's classic..go get it ...
  14. Ialso think this is a great bag for you!!! great choice!
  15. That is a perfect choice!!!