I WANT IT! But don't know what to use it for...-_- LOL what do i do!!!

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  1. LOL OML!!! (OH MY LOUIS *new omg, made in madein18 lol) :yahoo:
    Ok...now :wtf:
    I know i want IT...
    BUT!!! i don't know what to use it for!!! lol :sweatdrop:
    It's named...the 'key' and 'change' holder...but...as people who know here...i'm ocd...
    if i put keys on...the metal and brass will rub...and go bad...! :ninja:
    if i put change inside...i know the inside will go black!!! dirty coins...:crybaby:

    I loved it...when i saw it dangling from a woman's jeans! and i was like...
    OML...i want that dangling from me too!



    HELP!!! :confused1:

    (and when i buy my speedy 40 before i leave AUS...i want to use it as a shoulder bag lol...OML help...:sweatdrop:)

    -_-...i'm such a Louiser weirdtton lol

    oml...what's wrong with me making new wordttons up
    Key and Change holder.jpg
  2. ^^^

    ok, NO more coffee for you !
  3. LOL y y y LOL
  4. haha, Its great for keys, dont worry about making it dirty , the canvas takes a beating.
  5. are u on speed lol jk love this one "Louiser weirdtton"!!! HAHAHA
  6. :popcorn:LOL i'm 18...i'm a non smoker...non alcoholer...AND! non coffee-er
    Natural high:roflmfao:BUTTT I'm a...Louis Vuittoner lol
  7. oh just get it already, if nothing else to calm yourself down ... lol!
  8. ^ hah!

    Use it to put credit cards in. That's what I do.
  9. LOL loved readin ur mssg!!! (& luv the "oml"!)

    u can always use it to carry 1 lipgloss, or lipstick & have it hang on ur bag... tats wat i do hehe :smile: (helps so i dont have to open my bag just to re-apply gloss ;)
  10. LMAO:roflmfao:. you are too funny. I also say lip gloss.
  11. OH!!! CHAPSTICK for me...man & lipsticks? lol but...chapstick is for winter...
    lol :push:now solve:push:this:push:problem:push:

  12. Or...don't put anything in it at all. Just use it as a big purse charm. I do that with a variety of my cles like the amarante vernis on my miroir lockit. I just think it looks pretty. ;)
  13. just get it!
  14. Uh, no. If you don't know what you'd use it for maybe your money would be better spent on something else.
  15. lmao@ non-coffee-erthats awesome!!!...i recently purchased a key holder...and i use it for my credit cards