I want it BAD!

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  1. I was randomly putting in numbers on the drilldown, and found this wallet, and I want it so bad.:nuts: Is it recently new? It's style number is 1534. Please help!!!
  2. Oohhh.. I want too much! I just found this one too.. 1563.. it's absolutely gorgeous! Any info on either of them?
  3. or this one...1656 Does anyone know a way for me to find out on my own, besides randomly calling outlets and coach? I don't know the name of them, so I can't really look them up on eBay or anything.
  4. Here are some attached pictures of what I'm wondering about. I'd love to know if even anyone has seen them in the outlets recently or anything. Any little bit of info to give me a heads up where to start looking!!
    1534_d1.jpg 1563_d1.jpg 1656_d1.jpg 2355_d1.jpg
  5. first and last should be old. coach tag keychain is old as well. and I think i can say the same for the wristlet. Outlets and eBay.
  6. I hate just now coming in to the world of Coach... there are so many things I could have by now that I adore if I had just listened to my friends a few years earler
  7. YIKES! I just looked on eBay for the orange wristlet, since it's so summery and adorable, it's going for 200 dollars? I don't think that's acceptable.
  8. LOVE the orange wristlet!
    I should have scooped up the fruit wristlets when they came to my outlet!
  9. The more I look at it the more my heart aches for it. haha. I'm so pathetic, when I want something, I want it with all my being, and I just have to have it. Maybe it's because I'm an only child? Haha.
  10. People buy what they like. It retailed for 100, 98 actually, but its limited edition, and can't be found anymore. I found mine in mint condition at the outlet this summer, which is why I can't bring myself to pay over retail for a lime.
  11. I feel your pain about coming into Coach so late. I've only recently become super addicted, and it pains me to think about all of the luscious things I've missed out on in the past. It just makes me more determined to not miss out when I love something in future.
  12. I think it's made me go a little overboard. I've made out about a whole page full of stuff I want right now. I do this with clothes too. I work at Old Navy, and everytime a new shipment comes in with something I want, I have to get it then, because I know if I don't, I'll miss out. I've actually ran out of closet space to put all my clothes and shoes and what not from there now. It's insane. Now I've begun with purses.
  13. anyone know about this a-dorable bag? :drool: :heart: :wtf:
  14. That's an older style, too. Sorry! Again, it can probably be found on eBay if you want it that bad. I know it seems completely unreasonable to pay outrageous amounts for some of the older and limited styles but it's all about supply and demand. As long as people are willing to pay that much the prices aren't going to change. Seems silly to me but I also haven't found something that's limited that I want really bad. If and when I do I might change my mind about that! :p