I want indigo

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  1. Does this exist in a mini bowling or a pt??? thanks!
  2. No, indigo is an 05 color. They did not make these styles til around fall 06.
  3. thanks, so a city or day is it...
  4. Go for the day
  5. any ideas where I can find one?
  6. On eBay right now Authentic lvlady has a gorgeous indigo in the Work style for a good price. You should grab it if it's still there. It's listed as Dark Blue or Navy but it's definitely Indigo.
  7. thanks, i checked it out - it's pretty beat up though.
  8. There's also an indigo city on eBay.
  9. I want an Indigo First!!!
  10. The city looks gorgeous in indigo... :love:
  11. i've always wanted an indigo first!
  12. Indigo First for me too !!
  13. :crybaby: crap, I lost out on it
  14. Was that seller a PF'er?
  15. Not that I'm aware of.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.