I want...I NEED...a rich burgandy bag...

  1. Hi all,
    i would love to own a beautiful burgandy color bbag...a nice rich, deep color that I could wear with both brown and black. I haven't seen either the bordeaux of past or the grenat in person. Do either of these colors fit the bill? Is there another discontinued color that I should keep my eye out for? Had my mind set on the grenat since it is the current season (a bordeaux might be hard to find since it is older color) but :wondering Glimmer's recent post on the grenat scared me a bit...
  2. welp, i think the '05 bordeaux would fit the bill perfectly & if not, you should definitely go for the new '06 grenat (below is a photo of my bordeaux first) :tender:
    BORDEAUX BAG 2.jpg
  3. I had a grenat and thought it was great. The bordeaux is hit or miss -- some of them very veiny and thin and some were not.
  4. I think the Grenat would be a perfect neutral. I plan on wearing my Grenat Purse (attached) with Brown, Black, Kaki, Camel, tans, jeans, cream, etc....

    Grenat Purse.jpg
  5. I have the bordeaux 05 First:


    I think it's redder than the grenat 06.
  6. I think both colours are really similar same with the leather. I wasn't to impressed with grenat when I first saw it but I was able to pick my new grenat city from 7 others so I found the perfect one. I love the coour because it goes with almost everything. Right now I wera it with my turquoise T-shirt, white linen pants and high heel sandals and it looks great as a contrast!
  7. I think you should check out marron 04. :yes: I have it and LOOOVE it! It looks brown in pics, but in person it is a rich cedar red-brown color... and the leather is amazing. I think there is a weekender on eBay (or there was) but FYI its a lot more red than I thought it would be!
  8. I have the grenat City and I love it :heart: :heart: :tender:
  9. I am going on the hunt for grenat today to see how it looks. I wish I had a bordeux to put side by side. Darn!! Wish I didn't miss the bordeaux!! I was thinking of a marron but thought it might be too close to the chocolate brown and not look as good with black. I wear lots and lots--some might say too much black! My excuse is that I am a New Yorker!
  10. Bordeaux's the color that made me really fall in love with bbags! I caught a glimpse of a bordeaux work and LOVED it - I would have bought it bought I was pining for a city. I went on the waitlist for it at a few different stores, but never got one :sad:
  11. There is a Bordeaux Box on Ebay right now, being sold by a fantastic forum member!
  12. I love Bordeaux; here is a pic of my twiggy;
  13. ^^^^ Your Bordeaux Twiggy look soooo pretty:love:, Becca!
  14. I think bordeaux may be the color for me!! Becca and other bordeaux owners do you find this easy to wear with black as well as brown?