I want denim pleaty soooo badly..is it worth it for the price?

  1. I just recently bought the mono speedy 25 which is great! I'm trying to save for my next LV purchase and I'm thinking the denim pleaty..it's so expensive for such a small bag. What do you guys think? It's just too cute though!

    Any thoughts from those who own this bag?
  2. with charms.
  3. :confused1:

    I think it's worth it! Don't have it but I love it!
  4. I have it and acutally using it today. I just really love this bag, its small but also fits a ton of stuff in it. Currently in it I have MC french wallet, digital camera, cell phone and compact. this bag is worth every dollar.
  5. It is cute, but pricy for a small handheld bag. I have the mini pleaty and it was still pretty big $ for denim. I don't think they are every day bags as they are too small for me, more like weekend or lunching bags. Have you tried one on?
  6. I think it's a cute little bag - and totally worth it if you love it!
  7. Yah I've tried one on while I was making the mono speedy purchase. I put some of my own stuff in and it sagged a tiny bit. I was a bit worried about that..but I stillll love the look!

    The SA told me that this bag might go out of style in a few years because it's a fashion bag...but I don't see why..unless if the jean material goes out of style altogether..which is unlikely I think :shrugs:
  8. I like it, go for it
  9. I have one and love it! It fits everything I need (I guess I don't carry much?) so I consider it a good sized bag :yes: I got it when it first came out, so it was about $200 cheaper back then!
  10. does it sag into a weird shape?
  11. I think it's a cute bag!
  12. It depends on what you have in there. I once put a pochette wallet & cell phone in there and yeah, it sagged a bit and looked funny. But I added in sunglasses, digital camera, some make up and it filled out nicely.
  13. Yah, it is a bit of a fashion bag. I have the fuschia mini and that is even more so. But ITA, denim is timeless. I think the rivets/miroir/dentelle lines are much trendier than denim.
  14. Yah I guess I don't carry much either..if I do get this bag I'd definitely have to go on some sort of shopping ban! I believe this bag is $1300 cdn...and then there's 14% tax on top of that :sad:. Ooooo:huh:ooh I want it!

    I take good care of all my stuff...so the denim should be ok?
  15. i think the mini pleaty is a more worthwhile purchase, though the capacity is much less.