I want Damier azur, but an Eva Clutch or a Neverfull?

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  1. Hi ladies of LV :biggrin:

    I'm keen on buying my first LV bag. I've always loved Damier azur for its fresh, summery look and I've narrowed down my choices to two: the Eva clutch and the Neverfull in the smallest size (I'm a petite kind of girl).

    I think the Eva is pretty, has that lovely plaque and nice detailing and I like the versatility of long strap for day versus chain for night.

    I think the Neverfull is practical, fits more and is potentially more useful (though not at night). Does it carry on the shoulder or by hand? It's not as pretty as the Eva and it does cost a bit more, but maybe it's a better buy for its practicality?

    Hoping for some advice. :smile:
  2. I'm not a big NF fan, but if you are looking for an everyday practical bag, the NF is probably your best bet. If you want to use your new handbag to carry a lot, or even a little, the NF is definitely more versatile. I believe it's meant to be worn over the shoulder and not hand carried, however I don't own one so I'm not sure about hand carrying! I LOVE the Eva, but I don't think it carries that much. For me personally it's a great bag to have to go out with, or on days when I'm not carrying a lot, but not an everyday bag. It really depends on what you want the bag for. In general I'd say start with the NF and then go for the Eva later! Hope this helps! Good luck with your decision!
  3. NF has too much azur for me. I'd rather get the Eva. But I guess if you are looking for a bag that you can use everyday, definitely go for the NF.
  4. Thanks for your answers Nordy's girl and glamourdoll.

    At the moment, I'm leaning towards Eva, she's just so pretty :heart: She is what my heart wants, I think.

    I do already have quite a few practical day bags and so I think Eva and I could make it work. Sometimes if I have a small bag, I also carry a tote, say, a Longchamp, to do all the actual hauling of stuff around.
  5. eva clutch FOR SURE.
    azur is my least fav. nf. imo, nf looks soo much cuter in both mono and damier.
  6. Neverfull pm is a handbag an is the smallest neverfull. MM is probably more popular on here, and can be worn either way. I personally would get the eva - she is so versatile and often in the summer you do not need to carry a lot, so she is perfect. I am not a huge neverfull fan for everyday, especially in the azur pattern. Good luck deciding!
  7. Thanks very much for all the advice, LV ladies.
    I have my heart set on Eva now and will order soon. :yahoo:
  8. Yeahhh!!!!!!!!!
    Good choice, get the EVA!!!
    Eva is on my wishlist aswell, pls post pics when you get her.
  9. Hi I just got the azur and you can see more pictures in my post to see what it can fit in it.

    here's a picture of both ebene and azur


    let me know what you decide on, because i want to see NF in Azur in the smallest as well
  10. I'd be happy to post pics when it gets here. I do hope it sits at the right ... spot on me when I use the shoulder strap. I am only 161cm tall, but I think a girl of similar height mentioned in another thread that it was OK.

    lixhsp09 your Avas are gorgeous. I don't suppose you'd post a modelling pic or two of the damier one for me?
  11. I 100% agree with your post!
  12. Neverfull..if you want to use it everyday. And also be aware that carrying the eva in azur messenger style will subject it to possible color transfer from denim and what not.
  13. Sounds like you love Eva more. Get the Eva then!
  14. Personally - I say NF. But I'd use the NF more.

    Which begs the question - why did I just get an Eva when I am NF-less?
  15. Definitely the NF. It's a great everday bag.
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