I want baby & hubby don't

  1. what to do, when I want baby and hubby don't??

    I am getting old and I can't wait anymore...
  2. As in he never will? If that's the case you have a major problem. Was this something you talked about prior to marriage (if you're married)?
  3. Will he never want a baby or is it just not a good time to have a baby???

    Things like this can be a major problem in a marriage and I think it's one of the things that should be discussed before even getting engaged..
  4. ^I agree with the others above who said it is something that should be discussed already if you are married. If he doesn't want a baby, you really can't make him have one then...it takes 2 to create a baby...and it would be wrong to fool him.
  5. Maybe go to a counsellor and discuss the problems, maybe there is a factor that is scaring him. All the best.
  6. I agree with the pp. This is an issue that MUST be discussed and agreed upon prior to marriage. Getting married in the hopes that one partner will change their mind is a big mistake. In the event that one partner changed their mind, then perhaps counseling could help get to the bottom of why.

    I am sorry your dh is not on board with having a baby, but I agree that it would be wrong, and a huge mistake, to fool him or to get pg without his agreement.
  7. Get counseling. Do not have a baby without your husbands approval. It might cause marital problems.
  8. Well, your married now so none of the "you should have done that before"....type statements. This is the here and now. You want a baby, he doesn't. Can you imagine your life with just this man and never a child? If not, I'd consider divorce. Sounds harsh but this is reality.
    Good luck to you!
  9. How old is your husband and how old are you? In the beginning, when we just got married my husband didn't want to have a baby. We were 22 years old but after 5 years he changed his mind. Now, he's ready and we are currently waiting to see if I'm pregnant or not.
  10. I think you and he really need to have a heart to heart. If he is not willing to budge and neither are you, counseling may help. I honestly wish I had better advice, but I would be devastated in that situation. Good luck!
  11. Thanks everyone for your advice.

    I think we need a serious talk.
  12. I agree with the counseling recommendations. I'm sorry about your situation at the moment, I hope you guys can work through whatever it is that is keeping him from wanting a child, good luck!
  13. if you don't think you'll be happy with the man but not a child, and he doesn't want one, I think that would be a deal-breaker. I feel for you, my ex didn't want a baby because he already had kids, and for me that was a major sign to move on.
  14. Tread carefully, as even simply bringing the subject up could be an annoyance to him. Don't pressure him, but you need to determine if you want to remain with him. I know first hand what he's experiencing, as my BF wants [another] child and I don't want any. He knew it when he first met me that I don't want kids, and whenever he brought it up it was annoying, to say the least. If you knew this about him ahead of time, and were willing to be with him anyway, you don't have a lot of grounds for protest, as my BF does not. If he changed his mind about it (he wanted kids when you got married but now he says he doesn't), perhaps you should re-evaluate the union. Good luck!
  15. Why doesn't he want to have kids? How old are you guys?