I want anthracite!!

  1. For whatever reason, I have been obsessed with anthracite. However, with all the spending I have been doing, I cannot afford retail prices. Sigh.....
  2. I just wish NM had carried it so I could see it in person. Luckily for my bag ban, they didn't!
  3. Yeah, me too. There are a couple of anthracite bags being sold on eBay. One is a twiggy and one is a work.

    Should I get one of them????


  4. Anthracite is getting harder and harder to find. I think BalNY is completely sold out of the Work. Have you tried either style (twiggy or work). Which one do you like better? I'd go for it. :smile:
  5. Judie if you go for one of the eBay bags, we have to meet up at SHM b/c I am dying to see this color IRL!!!
  6. Cracker- that's the problem, I have not tried either of those styles. I am leaning towards the twiggy as I feel the Work may be too big.

    But I don't know...... I am planning on going to BalNY on Friday. Maybe I will be able to pick up something else, like a makeup clutch or something??????
  7. :roflmfao: LOL.... what happened to holding steady?? You were my sane voice of reason?? BTW, I really like that Anthracite Twiggy on eBay - if I can't hold out for a Grenat Twiggy, you may have to race me.... j/k

    An email is coming your way missy! :p
  8. Bags- what are you doing awake so early? Aren't you hungover :p

    I need someone to hold me back!!!!!!!!
  9. :roflmfao: Yes, well I should be.... but I'm not.

    DH decided to call it a night earlier then usual, because I have to take him to get a rental car this morning, for a work trip this week... and quite frankly - He is 6 years older then me, so I think he was just finding an excuse because it was his bedtime.
    We're getting older (I think our partying days are numbered) - but at least he's always in the lead. :p

    OKay, you have black & truffle in your collection right now... Any colors I'm missing? (Do you still have the Truffle Day, along with the Truffle Purse?)
  10. Well, I'm glad you aren't hungover :smile: It's really for the best.

    Right now I have a black First, a Black Day and my Truffle Purse. That's it. I do have a few accessories on order for the fall.

    However, I have been rethinking it and thanks for reminding me that I do need to tone down my shopping. I will be using my Purse for the first time today and I want to really enjoy my bags and break them in.

    Of course this is how I feel at this very moment. Give me an hour or two and ask me again :wlae:
  11. U will know the best out of it....if u think u need a work style in anthracite, then go for it as there is one on ebay now. However, if it's not one of ur priority then save up and wait till the right one for u as i realised u have two blacks bbag.....in fact, anthracite is a darker tone color.....is that what u like to have?
  12. Anthracite! Love that color...

    I'd definitely go for it, and save up money later....if the situation allows! I'm not helping, am I?:p

    But honestly, the color is so subtly different and the leather is gorgeous......go for it!