I want another Mat Fowler!

  1. I love the amber color in the Mat line. Fowler looks really pretty in this color. I know this sounds silly, but it really picks up the highlights in your hair. You'll feel like an :angel: rocking this bag.
  2. hehe, i sure hope so. does the mat line have color transfer issues like vernis?

    ok i can't stand it. i adopted her. aaaaaaa!!!! she was too pretty to pass up!!!
  3. I love the mat fowler I have it in dark blue. Let-Trade has a violet one that I've been eyeing. ;)
  4. yes! i saw that violet one, it looks fabulous!
  5. It's very nice!
  6. :smile: i can't wait to get her!
  7. YEAH!! Congrats! Can't wait to see your model pix :yahoo:
  8. Congratulations!! I was looking at that one too!! Glad to know it went to a PF'er!! Joann121270, you should get the Violet one, I have it and it's so yummy!
  9. thanks! so about the color transfer...does the mat line have this problem with light colors too?
  10. Wow!! amazing - you should get it!
  11. nope, no problems at all. it's not like the Vernis, the leather isn't 'coated' :smile: it's just beautiful!!! *swoon*:girlsigh: :love:
  12. yay! eeeeeeeeee! so excited!
  13. congrats! love every color in this line.....:love:
  14. lol i am still amused by this statement. in that case, i'm going to color my hair tomorrow, red! :nuts: the bf is coming to visit next weekend so with my red hair and this gold bag, oh boy :graucho: