I want another madison shoulder bag already! Should I?

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  1. #1 Jan 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
    this has never happend to me before... I never buy back-ups for my bags whatsoever! Now since I ve gotten my madison rose shoulder bag a few days ago, I m constantly worrying if they will discontinue her, and that i won't be able to get another one later on if i don't do it now :confused1:... I LOVE that style, it's got the beauty and the comfort i needed. Something was missing with the sabrinas, and the madison has that "something'. I can see myself wearing the madison for a whole year trough without any "cheating" problems whatsoever! I'd trade in a sabrina for the shoulder bag any time. Finally the madison design on a bag that stays on my shoulder well. I m sure they may end up at the outlet at one point, I m jsut not so sure If I'll end up at the outlet, too. And less- if the "rose gold" will be ever available other than coach directly. So my dilemma is- should I buy another one now or wait?

    My worry is that I have the light pink (rose) color, and I don't know if the light is a good idea to wear every day. Sometimes I'd like to wear a dark coat, and so a different color would propably be a good idea as well... The rose gold is on top of my list as second "have to have"... am I crazy? would somebody pleaes buy the rose gold and post pics, so I can decide If I am or not :P... I want to see... LoL Should i or not?
  2. No, you're not crazy at all. If you love the bag that much, I would go for it. I just tried on the Madison shoulder yesterday and it does fit nicely I must say but, the color that I wanted to see was not in the store. Sometimes, I think I'm crazy and actually think about purchasing the same bag in the same color because I'm afraid that something will happen to it and I'll never get another again...LOL (of course only a very fav bag) haven't done it yet though.
  3. I say go for it if you can afford it but if it were me, I'd buy a different color in the same style :yes:
    Because of your post, I went back to look at the shoulder bag on the website and it says it can be worn cross body. How did I miss this before? Way cool. I'll definitely have to check out this feature when I am at the boutique again.
  4. Yeah, that's what i mean. I have a pink rose one, and now i want a "rose-gold" one... just that they cost more :smile: but they would be the same style of bag, so in case something happens to one, the other one will also be there :smile: LoL...
  5. For your second shoulder bag, I would probably get a more basic color, like black or tan. You will get more use out of it...unless of course you already have too many black bags.
    I passed on the Madsion shoulder bag because I already have a handful of Legacy shoulder bags and don't need another shoulder bag that carries the same amount of stuff.
  6. GET IT! the shoulder bag is beautiful, I'm surprised at how much more the Metallic one costs, but if you can afford it, then buy it. The bag is so versatile with the long strap. I would go for it! Get her now! :P I'm torn between this one and a small Sabrina. Hopefully I get to try them on and see.

    Good luck.
  7. I think you should wait as the Madison shoulder bag is coming out in April/May in other colors like violet or purple, green and gray and you might want one of those colors.
  8. I know just how you feel, I feel that same way about my Julianne, I want a back-up, and I want her in other colors, I also change her out frequently "so as to not wear her out". In other words, I am more careful with my Julianne than any other purse, cuz I want her to last. So I completely understand.
  9. If you're asking about getting a 2nd bag in another color, go for it! But I wouldn't buy the exact same bag 2X. If you're afraid of wearing her out, rotate your bags a couple times a week (I'm on a daily rotation) for less wear-n-tear.