I want an RM so so bad.

  1. Dream: I want the Silver MA! But honestly I just want one so bad. I love all the styles and the colors are great. *la sigh* To bad I only have around $300 to spend right now. I know I can wait but OMG I want it now!
  2. Hmm what silver MA are you referring to??? You can totally find a RM on sale for less than $300 or right around there. Any other colors you might like??
  3. That elusive silver mirror MA? There was a gold one on eBay, but I haven't seen the silver yet. I know it was available during the sample sale.
  4. [​IMG]

    I love the wine,elephant, evergreen,lavender, sahara,ocean,Congac, Saddle,eggplant, and tangirine <sp?> . Even the chocolate is pretty and ok. So pretty much all of them! lol. I just wouldn't want black or royal. I have to many "senisble" bags.

    P.S. Sorry for the spelling errors that might have occured. Can't download the spell checker. Grrr!
  5. Mockinglee...I know and I've been sreaching high and low since you replied to my post in Handbags and Purses! Now I'm hooked! What have you done?! lol.
  6. ^GUILTY! I know! I felt bad too, after I realized it wasn't being sold anywhere. I hope hope hope that it will be offered as part of the spring line, which is slowly being trickled out to stores now, especially since I haven't seen it on sale anywhere outside of the recent sample sale.
  7. Somebody posted a picture of a silver MAM in an older thread. It wasn't the mirror silver but a sort of argent w/ silver hardware--- I've never seen another.
  8. I wonder if the MAB will be available in the new sterling color coming out this spring. It looks gorgeous on the Steady! Wouldnt hurt to e-mail Rebecca and find out.
  9. That was it: Sterling. There's a picture of it in the MA/MAM pictures thread, maybe a sample sale purchase.