I want an oversized clutch..any ideas?

  1. Its been quite some time since I have posted. I am looking for an oversized clutch. Something pretty minimalistic but will give oomph to an outfit. Any ideas? Something I can purchase online preferably. Thanks.
  2. I bought a black leather one with pewter leather detail from Barney's a few months ago...you may want to check their site to see if they have any.
    Also, LAMB makes some cute ones.
  3. yeah...I was also going to say LAMB
  4. haha im glad my love is spreading !

    Go for the L.A.M.B. Carlise Clutch, or if you want an all leather one, the Lamb Notting Hill, or Lamb Traviso Clutch
  5. gustto makes a gorgeous clutch
  6. TODS is the best
  7. Me too! I'd love a big, plain clutch.
    LAMB is big enough, but not plain enough.
  8. For some reason I am not big fan of LAMB
    But it's just me.
  9. well lamb dosnt have to be everyones cup of tea, and im glad! I dont want everyone to like what i do haha.

    but this is abought as plain as lamb gets,

    its a convertable clutch that turns into a thin tote, i own it and its extremely versitile, along with being extremely soft, and with a stylish flair that will deff. get you noticed. they go for around 200-250 on sale now from 500 something
  10. The Kooba Hannah clutch is oversized and the bronze is pretty, but not a loud metallic.
  11. Some LAMB clutches are plain such as the Treviso (sp?). Not trying to push LAMB on you but the line is pretty versatile.

    BlackTreviso.jpg WhiteTreviso.jpg
  12. I got a nice convertible one from H&M on sale for $6.00! Black faux leather - but the "leather" feels similar in texture to Balenciaga leather - extremely, extremely soft and distressed. And for $6.00 - can't beat it!! :nuts:
  13. I have a LAMB Treviso clutch like the ones pictured above, but mine is in nude. I love it. I normally don't love LAMB, but this clutch is simple and gorgeous.
  14. yes,
    the first thing come to my mind is lamb.. their clutches are pretty big compare to others.. some of the lamb collections are pretty simple but yet gorgeous.. like treviso or the knotting hill..