I want an Oak Annie..

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  1. My Alana in vanilla arrived on Friday from SM and I love it. Will try and post some pics later. But now I want an Annie in Oak. I had one which I sold sometime ago on Ebay and have regretted ever since. Does anyone know where I can get one or is anyone on this forum selling one. SM had some a few weeks ago but when I phoned today they had none.:yucky:
  2. Have you tried Bicester or Cheshire Oaks? Good luck with the search.
  3. Tried Cheshire Oaks and York as well and they didh't have it. Can't get through to Bicester - they are continually engaged!!
  4. Dexter - so glad you love the Alana! Would love to see pics please.....
    GL on the oak Annie - they are coming through the outlets. Cheshire Oaks is on a stock take so no new stock for the next 2 weeks.
  5. Dexter, I too want an oak Annie. Not sure I want to spend over 400 smackaroonies on one though -I try not to go above £350 if I can help it.
    I have a lot going on in my house at the moment so not a lot of time to trawl the outlets. If you do find one, would you be an absolute honey and let me know (I'll do the same). I have been looking tentatively at ebay but I'm too scared....
  6. I will certainly let you know. I have been watching Ebay too - found two which turned out to be fakes. So outlets would be the best bet. SM had them about 4 weeks ago so I am sure they will get more soon.
  7. I want one too, but realistically I cant afford it at the moment, having bought 2 new mulberries this year already.

    If you cant get through to bicester try emailing them - I think their address is bicestershop@mulberry.com. I've had a response from them before about blenheims.