I want an LV wallet...which one?

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  1. Hi everyone

    I really want a LV wallet....

    I like the monogram canvas alexandra wallet.. but also realllyy like it monogram multicoloure..

    Anyone got these wallets or any recommendations?

    Thanks :smile: xx
  2. My fav wallet, hands down is the eugenie. Holds all of my cards, id window, coin slot, cash. I love it. I want it in epi now.
  3. My favorite wallet is the zippy. It holds so much but stays slim and sleek. I have it in mono, black MC, and even the black MC zippy coin.
  4. Koala in any pattern; it's soo practical and love the hardware =) HTH!
  5. I have the alexandra wallet in Damier Ebene. It's great because it has 13 cc slots, a window for your id, and a few different slots to hold cash or receipts. I felt the Koala wallet was a bit too small for me and didn't have enough cc slots, but that a Zippy is too big for me right now ... in the future, I'm going to get a Zippy in MC, but for now the Alexandra is great. I went to the grocery store with just the wallet today, and a girl stopped me and asked if it was a new type of agenda LV came out with ... I suppose it is a little "thicker" than other wallets, but otherwise I like it.

    If you like your cash not folded at all, I'd recommend a Zippy ...
  6. I absolutly love the alexandra wallet! I say get it in black MC, it would be stunning!!
  7. Thank you for your help guys, Im going to Birmingham (UK) on Thurs and will end up in LV there so will see what I fancy then!!! xx
  8. hi, when you go can you get me a vernis pomme agenda please:yes:, sold out on line :roflmfao:.and ship to wales, thanks, no seriously i have the damier alexandra, its really nice to hold,plenty of room, but i do like my mc pti. have fun in birmingham:yes:, i'm green with envy:P alfie x
  9. I just got a vernis zippy wallet and I couldn't love it more. Even if you don't love vernis in particular I definitely recommend the zippy wallet -- it holds soooo much and still fits in all my bags and pochettes.
  10. Could you post a picture with Alexandra in your hand, please?


    Is it too big?
  11. I have a white MC koala and I love it
  12. Hi, my camera is broken and getting repaired right now, but here are a couple photos of just the wallet ... what do you mean by too big? You might think it would be a bit big once the wallet is closed, just because as you can see by the pictures, there are credit card slots on the left, and then one of the sections flips like a page in a book and there are a couple other pockets for bills or receipts ... once you put your cards in the wallet and snap it shut, it's as thick as the medium agenda. Hope the pictures help!

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  13. Thank you, it really looks nice!
  14. I don't have one but my fav style is the eugenie. very chic and looks like it's also very functional.
  15. Eugenie - comes in the Monogram, MC, and Epi styles. I really really love the MC... it's so flashy.