I want an LV Inclusion bracelet in grey---need help with size.

  1. I WANT badly an LV inclusion bracelet in Grey. I see it comes in S or M size. Can anyone offer advice on the sizing?
    Many thanks!:smile:
  2. Thank you SO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Get the M -- the small seems designed for a child's wrist, IMO. I am a petite person (5' 1") and the M suits me perfectly.
  4. Here are the dimensions for the inclusion bracelets:
    PM is the thin width bracelet:
    PM - medium is 2.5 inch diameter
    PM - small is 2 inch diameter

    GM is the very thick width bracelet:
    GM - 2.5 inch diameter (medium size only - there is no small version of a GM)

    My friend is 4 foot 11 inches and I recently picked up a Black PM small bracelet for her and it was still too big for her but she kept it.

    Good luck!! I think, however, that the PM-smalls are hard to locate and I haven't yet seen a grey inclusion PM in the small (2 inch diameter). Most of the time, you'll see the 2.5 inch diameter for the inclusions in the store. So, go and try on any PM 2.5 inch diameter just to figure out if it will fit you or not.