I want an Ivorie, but don't like any of the styles :(

  1. I wish there was a bucket, speedy 30, or Noe (regular size)!!!

    Augh! Why are the three shapes I want, not available :sad: ?!?!
  2. how about the alma? :smile:
  3. why not get the accessories then?? Cles, agenda or wallet??
  4. Lol that's why I'm going with an accessory eventually ;)
  5. I'm also sad about there not being a bucket. I think it would look soooo nice in ivorie!
  6. Do you like the Jasmin, Mary? It is on the smaller side though.
  7. The passy is cute too :yes: ...it's my 2nd choice next to speedy...........I'm also bummed they don't make speedy 30....
  8. is there only a 25 speedy?
  9. Yeah, a bit small for me :sad:
  10. Passy GM is the one I like most out of the styles offered....I like Jean's, I am just not 100% sol..kwim.
  11. Yep, no 30, only 25 :sad:
  12. unfortunately....yes it only comes in speedy 25 in the mean time...:shrugs:
  13. An SA told me 30 will be out...
  14. sorry to hear that!
  15. I think the speedy runs a big larger in epi. Can somebody confirm this?:confused1: If it does then maybe it can work for you.:yes: