I want an ink twiggy!

  1. I tend to stick to neutral colors in handbags, but the ink twiggy is calling my name! My caramel box is my first Balenciaga but it won't be my last. Since I am still new to this, I have questions:

    They DO make an ink twiggy, right?

    How much should it cost?

    Rare or hard to find?

    Any authentic ones around that you know of (ebay, etc.)?

    Thanks so much!
  2. I WANT ONE TOO!!!

    They go for $1055, I think.
    I think they are available at aloharag. If you want the .pdf file with all the bags available, pm me your email and I'll email it to you.

    I don't know how rare they are.. I don't know anyone who owns one! I saw some authentic (or so they seem) on ebay.. two, to be exact. Just search "balenciaga twiggy" and you'll see them.

    I hope you get one! I'm dying for one too! :smile:
  3. Thanks Kattiepie! I actually have seen that list, I just couldn't remember what was on it. I might try to get the ones on ebay authenticated, or order elsewhere. I probably should just wait, but you know how it is when you want something...it becomes an obsession!
  4. Can anyone here authenticate the two ink twiggys listed on ebay right now, particularly this one: 6867641163[​IMG][​IMG] Thanks!
  5. I think Bal NY has the ink Twiggy available right now. If not, try Neiman Marcus in San Francisco. They had one a week or so ago.
  6. Someone had mentioned that ebay seller maerim is legit. Is this correct? She has one of the two ink twiggys for sale on ebay right now. I really need the other one authenticated 6867641163 because she is accepting offers on it. Can anyone help? Thanks a ton!
  7. loriB, i'm sure the ink twiggy is authentic! i'm sure you know with the ink color, it is very hard to find one that has "good leather" but this one looks good...no marbling, viening, or stiffness.
  8. Excellent! I have submitted an offer, we'll see.

    Maerim has a decent price on hers as well.

    I'm giddy! *L*
  9. NM in SF had one?!

    good luck with the twiggy, LoriB!
  10. Okay, I am officially insane. I went ahead and bought the one I made an offer on! It was a little more than maerim's, but I liked the leather sooooo much better on this one. I am very impatient! Please, please let it be authentic...I am so scared of these "superfakes" I keep hearing about.

    If I happen to like this one better than my caramel box, it might be for sale in the near future. It is so yummy, though.....~sigh~
  11. 0o0o00o0o, woo hoo! get into the b-bags!!!
  12. AHHHH!!
    LoriB CONGRATULATIONS!!! :biggrin:
    Aw I'm so jealoussssssss
    my boyfriend won't let me buy one right now :sad:

    ps. it looked authentic to me.. I don't think the fakers have gotten around to making ink bags yet. don't worry!!
  13. loriB, congrats on the ink twiggy. it's beautiful! i'm positive it's authentic!
  14. congrats on the purchase ! im in search of one too.. i have the twiggy in rouge.. i love!
  15. Super happy for you! Ink is so beautiful. Im a new Twiggy owner too. Just scored one in Indigo! Congrats to you!