I want an ink city

  1. guys i really want an ink city ive been to aloharag, browns, luisaviaroma and other legit sites and no one carries it now ... where can i get one ? :cry:
  2. keep your eyes peeled in the Marketplace. maybe you'll get lucky
  3. kaka, check out this thread for locations: Everything Balenciaga Pictures and Locations Guide
    I just checked the cultstatus site and it says they still have ink. They are more expensive than the USA but I think you can get the tax back?! not sure
  4. Balenciaga NY has 1 left. Its $1195. There is no tax if you outside of NY. The phone # is 212-206-0872. Ask for Joseph or Louie. Good Luck!
  5. Does Bal NY ship international? Just wondering.
  6. I saw tons on ink bags at Barneys Copley Sq Boston.
  7. Sorry, not sure.
  8. thanks guys im going to email Bal NY
  9. I'm pretty sure. I know some ladies in Canada ordered before, and I think HelenNZ also ordered one from BalNY.
  10. lisa at NM in Troy Mi can get you one- there are 5 available. her number is (248) 635-8442! Good luck!!!
  11. yeah they do!!! i got my cornflower twiggy from them!!! :amuse:

    so.... are you still thinking about selling your Magenta First???? hehehe!

    actually, right now i wouldn't mind an INK..... something INK but not too sure what! hehe!
  12. hello hatikuh they do ship international i emailed Kim and the shipping cost is $70 they will just get your cc info and they can do the transaction for you :smile:
  13. SOOO did you get it????

    ps. hi helenNZ! congrats on the white first!!!!
    ...and i still don't know about the magenta. i'm sorry!
  14. cultstatus will remove the tax if you are overseas - but i am not sure if it makes it any cheaper than if you located it in the US
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