I want an indigo cles!

  1. :crybaby:866 says they're sold out. :crybaby:
  2. I thought someone on here said they had some left???
  3. I want one too :crybaby:
  4. Who, and when? I called 866 today. :sad:
  5. I think someone bought hers at the Houston store last week.
  6. 866 has been saying they're sold out for at least 4 months. Call around to stores and see if anyone has one. I thought I read there were some indigo goodies still left in Houston?? Not sure, though.
  7. ^^ the one that was still in stock was the multicles, the key holder. The cles has been sold out for a while ... I was looking for one in November and they were all gone :crybaby:
  8. Didn't some of the other members say there were some in Boston and Florida? Good luck!
  9. me too! me too! :hysteric:
  10. Okay, I'm going to try calling around.
  11. I know that one of the NY stores has some agenda left and possible key holders.

    The only other think I know is that there are a couple stores in the midwest with a houston in indigo. I'm not sure which ones though! Sorry!