I want an inclusion bracelet...is it better to wear one or multiple

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  1. I am new to the inclusion bangle thing. I was talking to an SA and she says that if i bought a PM size that I should get more than one because most people stack them

    Was she up-selling me or is this what everyone does w/ the smaller ones?

    I'm assuming one would not stack the GM, right?
  2. i like the look of colors combined, but I also think it's ok to wear alone. I bought the transparent gm and am planing on wearing it with my silver bangles.
  3. I have a few inclusions and I must say, wear at least 2 of them together and they are hell of a noisy!! It really annoys me so much that i only wear one at a time. Looks good by itself, always get compliment.
  4. I think wearing one is fine, sometimes you don't want to overdo it KWIM? I think if you choose to wear more than one bracelet, it's nice to wear the ones that complement each other in terms of colour :yes:. A good example is that pic of Lindsay L a couple of years ago with the yellow & rose inclusion bracelets worn together
  5. i stack mine. if i'm wearing the GM bracelets i wear 2 together, and if it's the PM i wear 3
  6. I wear my PM bracelets one at a time. Thinking of getting another transparent and stacking them. The transparent is my favorite!
  7. thanks guys. Anyone have a pic of two PM's stacked together?

    or a GM and a PM? i don;t think I would stack 2 GM's personally
  8. ^^Visit the Inclusion club in the clubhouse thread. Lots of pics of stacked bracelets there!
  9. I think it really is personal preference. They look great either way!
  10. here are some:

    1. Black GM + Transparent GM
    2. Pomme d'Amour PM + Berry PM + Transparent PM
    3. Rose PM (this is the old PM size, which is slightly wider than the current PM; this is to compare the old PM and new PM sizes) + Berry PM + Transparent PM
    4. Black GM + Pomme d'Amour PM + Transparent PM
    5. Black GM + Rose PM (to compare the GM and old PM)

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  11. I'd wear them paired with some other type or bracelet if I had one, it looks a little ridiculous with more than one to me..
  12. ^^ thanks for those pics yeux, they look so pretty.
    I want to get my first inclusion bracelet (pm) when the amarante comes out, and i was planning to just wear the one. On myself i usually like it to look more simple, so id just wear the one (i say this now but if i get more down the track who knows :graucho:).
  13. I got the amarante inclusion bracelet on saturday, it looks good by itself, but it would look better with a another one....:P IMHO

  14. thanks!! From the pics I think if I had a GM i would wear it by itself.

    For the PM i would wear just one or two max....

    thanks Yeux!!!
  15. Like Sandra said, i'd stack them. Even the pm's i'd do 2 or 3 :biggrin:
    As for the gm, I think 2 are enough.