i want an impulse buy!!!


which one should i get? dooney is only 19.99 in stars print (black)

  1. coach skinny

  2. dooney skinny

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  1. so i found a dooney stars skinny coin purse in black for 19.99 at t.j. maxx. so which would you choose:

    coach skinny?
  2. definitely the coach!!!! i'm loving the signature w/ punch stripe:yahoo: that everyones been talking about!!!!
  3. Since you posted this in the Coach forum, I think everyone is going to vote for Coach. :lol:
  4. Bethy is right. We are biased towards Coach :yes:
  5. I like the dooney, my daughter has the heart one, what I don't like about dooney is it is so stiff, she has a hard time getting her tiny hand in and out of the skinny for her change.
  6. I'm not a fan of Dooney so my vote is for Coach.
  7. yeah i know this is a coach forum but i'm more at home in this forum that's why i asked you ladies here :heart:
  8. i happen to LOVE dooney's star stuff in the small pieces- but i have yet to pick some of it up. so, honestly, my vote is for dooney!
  9. yey! kal! i was holding that teeny tiny thing coz its cute :p so might be goin back to t.j. tomorrow to get it :smile:
  10. oh, i'm so nuts!!! they're both cute and am still debating
  11. I vote BOTH! LOL!
  12. same here :yes:
  13. Definitly Coach
  14. The obvious majority will be voting for coach, but since this vote is 50% coach then I would think the thread could stay here, as long as it stays on topic with coach.

    and of course i vote coach.
  15. although with your reaction to kallison, I think you are leaning to dooney.