i want a wallet!!! i want a wallet!!! i want a wallet!!! i want a wallet!!!

  1. i want a wallet [​IMG]. it's official. i went to both LV stores in SCP last night. couldn't pick a thing[​IMG]!!! i was so angry! what's wrong with me? [​IMG]

    i thought of cheating on LV and went to Gucci and Coach. both times i had a wallet in my hand and already was waiting to pay for the wallet..then by the time it was my turn i'd turn back, replace the wallet on the shelf, and walk out of the store!!!

    what should i do??? i want a summer wallet, but i also want to match my damier items (pratically EVERYTHING!) . i want a long wallet! the zippy seems good, but why are the prices so steep for a wallet? [​IMG] when i bought my damier koala i told myself that since im paying the price of a pap 26, i am going to keep the wallet for a long time.

    what should i do! [​IMG][​IMG]

    please help me find my path [​IMG]!!!!
  2. I find that white MC also goes with a lot of things. Looks especially good with red interior of damier bags. Did you look at the white MC zippy?
  3. white mc koala inside of my Saleya

  4. rensky! get the new eugenie wallet! you can't go wrong with this one!
  5. For the MC wallet!1 ;D
  6. Have you looked at the Vernis French wallet in Noisette? That one may do the trick.

    My mono wallet is the wallet with Zip. It's about 1/8 of an inch smaller than the Zippy and holds a ton of things.

    I think I told you in another post, but it took me numerous trips to LV to finally find the wallets of my needs. I have the mono wallet with zip for bigger bags and the pomme french purse for smaller ones.

    Good Luck!!!
  7. [​IMG]


  8. What about a Suhali?? Azur wallets are so hot right now, and maybe MC??
  9. Go to all 3!!! (Boutique, Saks, Bloomingdale's) Each one has slightly different items on display so that might catch your eye. But the new Eugenie is quite chic!
  10. Love the white MC Eugenie pictured. Also what about the french purse in pomme, or if you want something bigger the PTI?
    Good luck - I'm sure you''ll find one you love.:yes:
  11. i have the damier koala - but you already have a Koala.

    My summer LV is a mandarine petite noe.
    I use a seafoam wallet that I bought from Coach 11 years ago. I figure both are summer colours.

    I think your options are azur or ivorie.
  12. ohhh, these are n-i-c-e !!!
  13. i think you should get one of those eugenie wallets i think they look real nice. i want one myself.
  14. The wallets are expensive. They are so gorgeous though. I just didn't feel right pulling out a different brand wallet from my LV bags. I think that the Eugenie wallets are beautiful, but I'm partial to the vernis zippy. I'm so organized and I can use the wallet all by itself if I'm just running into the grocery store.
  15. Oooh...how much is that white mc piece?? That is TDF!