I Want A Turquoise City!!!! But Do They Turn Yellow With Age????

  1. Here I am being pesky again, and asking for advice!!! I have attained my first b-beauty, a 05 bubblegum pink city, and I am in the process of getting my second, a 05 magenta box. I am interested in blue for my next purchase, as some of you may know already if you've seen my other posts.
    I had first thought it would be a 05 sky blue, and I may very well still get one. However, I have seen some really gorgeous turguoise bags that may have changed my mind on the sky blue. I would like to be prepared, because if I see one listed in good condition, I may not want to let it get away. The point of my ramblings??? A lovely pfer has told me about turquoise bags getting a yellow tinge to them as they age. Anyone one who has experience or secondhand knowledge of this phenomenon, I would love to hear whatever you can share on the subject.
    THANK YOU!!!
  2. I had a turq.'04 bbag and the color was perfectly fine. I think there were some issues with the pale rose color.
  3. I have an 04 Turq bbag too and no yellowing so far. I love this color!

    Here is mine:
  4. I had/have a lot of worries about that too. Is it only the pale rose that does this- has anyone w/ another color ever had a problem w/ yellowing or fading?

  5. I have a gorgeous turquoise '04 twiggy ... and I think it was worn quite a bit ... but no yellowing. The color is just soooo lovely....it really gets people's attention too!!! If anything happens with the color, I think it just gets a little paler due to UV exposure...but it just adds to the natural variation of the color and still looks nice.
  6. Cilla that bag is TDF. The color, the leather.....:drool:
  7. Oooh cilla...lovely.....really lovely!!!!! You guys just know everything and that's why I love ya!!!!!

  8. Thanks powderpuff and Deana, I really love it!

    Good luck Deana, I hope you find the perfect Turquoise city!
  9. wow that bag look to be in PERFECT condition cilla! Some of the pictures I've seen on eBay of the turquoise seem yellowish but its probably just photo artifacts.
  10. Thanks!

    rocco your doggy is so cute!:heart:
  11. cilla, really beautiful bag there...one of my favorite colors!
  12. cilla, YOUR bag is GORGEOUS!!:yes:

    However, I have seen a well used 04 Turquoise in person and yes it had yellowed. Mostly on the front and around the top. Seems to be from the oils in the skin and where the skin comes in contact with the bag the most. The back, the bottom and sides were more of the actual turquoise color.

    Listen to what the photos tell you if you are seeing them beforehand. I thought it was the lighting in the photos as well. Sure enough when I ended up seeing it in person it was yellow just like the pics.

    cilla's picture is perfection, looks like it has hardly been used at all.
  13. cilla, that bag looks DIVINE! So perfect. :yes:

    Deana, I have seen some Turquouse '05 bags where some parts turned a bit yellow. I wonder why this happens...