I want a Tano! Perhaps a 3-fer?

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  1. I want a small clutch-like bag that isn't a clutch (does that make ANY sense!?) for lightweight days (now I sound like a Tampon commercial!). But anywho, I'm kinda in love with the style and price of the Tano Three-fer. Which color would you recommend?

    OR should I just go for something bigger?! Like a Sexbomb?

    Thanks! ;)
  2. Isn't Three Fer great???? I must say I'm totally biased but go BLUEBERRY!!!

    And yeah...she's perfect for non-heavy days :lol:

    And the dual strap makes her even more versatile!!

    (Then after this you can consider a Boogie for days you need to carry more! :yes:)
  3. I am really digging that blueberry! And the grape ... and the truffle!

    (Oh and I love the Boogie in Raspberry!!!)
  4. The Sex Bomb is a gorgeous bag, but it is so different from the Three Fer that they cannot be compared! The dual strap, smaller size and slimmer profile make the Three Fer perfect for lighweight days. And I LOVE the exposed zippers.
  5. Mmm very true HauteMama!

    I couldn't seem to find any modeling pics of the Three-fer, but the gal on LunaBoston sure looks cute!!! I just wonder if I would have rather paid just a bit more for a Sexbomb??
  6. Personally I am biased and love the Sex Bomb. But if you are looking for a smaller bag then the Three Fer is what you are looking for.
  7. Oh gosh, I agree you can't really compare a sexbomb and a three fer! Wow tough choice... I guess if you need your bag to ever be messenger style then go for the three fer and it depends what size also... hmmmmmmm... I have never seen the three fer in real life but I love my sexbomb! Good luck deciding! And as for colors... the three fer will have the contrasting trim strap and the sexbomb will be monochromatic... something else to think about!
  8. You gals are awesome! Thank you! I'm probably going to wait a couple of weeks before I make my move. I know a store that carries Tano so I plan to head there and do a little modeling of my own! :yes:
  9. You're experiencing the biggest problem every Tano lover has... the inability to pick just one color :shrugs: haha
  10. ^^Amen.
  11. So true- good luck with your decision! Three fer is a wonderful, practical little bag to have for errands, dog walking, travelling, etc...
  12. For what it's worth, I just bought a three fer and think it's fabulous for travel. I really wanted a messenger, a bag that is lightweight, and a bag that isn't too big. The three fer is all of that and more. In addition to the three zippers in the front, it has a snap pocket in both the front AND the back, and a zipped pocket on the inside in addition to the main compartment. LOADS of nooks and crannies for passport, metro tickets, maps, etc. It looks really stylish, and the strap can be removed for evenings when I'm trying not too look too casual. AND, it doesn't cost a million bucks, so if it gets rained on or bumped into, I don't have to freak out.

    I bought the black because I thought it would be most versatile, but that blueberry rocks!