i want a strand of chanel pearls. those of you who's had it for a while >>

  1. how's the quality? do they hold up well? for $800CAD (after taxes) i hope they are worth it. i've ordered one and hopefuly it will be in shortly
  2. hmm i've had mine for a week and haven't worn it yet! but I will let you know as it goes on :biggrin: they look quite sturdy
  3. which one did you get? I WANT PIC! I WANT PIC!
  4. They're really gorgeous, and hold up well... I have a strand that retails for $695(USD) with the silver hardware! :smile: Just make sure to not allow the pearls to come into contact with perfume, etc. because I recall a pfer had problems with the pearls peeling!
  5. yeah, tht's exaclty what i'm afraid of is the pearl peeling...i bet the ones you have are the ones i want. but i'm waiting for gold, SA said the gold is very pale, so i can use it w/ gold as well as silver jewellery. i'm quite excited, they are so pretty. i tried on the silver ones today.
  6. yes yes, these are it! they are soooo pretty! but still qiut expensive, i hope they are gonna last me a life time. tks for the pic, though i WAS asking for minal modeling pics:angel: :yes:

    hehe, thanks again.