I want a Spy, which colour is best?

  1. Okay now that I've seen all your beautiful Spies, I've decided to make that my next purse purchase. I'm trying to decide which colour is best for me. I love black in general, and I love chocolate purses, but I have several, so I don't think I want another one. I saw the Blueberry IRL, it's a lot darker than I thought. I am considering the Zucca one with the Tortuga handles. I've also found a used Honey Wisteria at Anne's Fabulous Finds, but is that an every day bag? Should I go with basic black? What colour do you recommend?
  2. my absolute fav. is the honey spy. There is a thread going on about it right now...you should check it out.

    good luck!
  3. Black is beautiful, but I think most of us tend to like them in various colours, as it helps show off the Spy's beauty. If you like blue, maybe you can find a pre-loved Petrol (a lot lighter than the Blueberry, and more dynamic). I am a fan of that one and would love to find it as my next!

    I also think you could use the honey wisteria as an everyday bag. I think I prefer the plain ones, but the flowers are not too crazy, and that colour is very neutral and pretty. :smile:
  4. Thanks Princess and Etagaya, I saw that honey spy on eBay that Beth got, I almost bid on it, it's beautiful. I'm not sure about the wisteria design though. The petrol colour seems too hard to get a hold of. I thought black would be boring too, but I looked at the celebrity pics and saw some there, and they do look really nice too. Does the blueberry seem too dark, those who have one?
  5. :cutesy:Do I get points for being mentioned in a thread I didn't start? Go here if you want to look at my new Honey Spy. She is really, really beautiful -- much nicer than in my so-so picture.

    How did I make my decision? Well, I chose this color because I already own several black and chocolate brown purses. I also don't think I would like a blue bag so much. I bought a Chloe Paddington last year in a grey/blue and the color felt very cold on me. I ended up selling it 'cause I never felt GOOD carrying it, and I was afraid that I would feel the same way with a Petrol. I looked long and hard at the Gold and Silver Spies on AFF, but I was concerned they would be too summery for my climate. Some of the pics I've seen make them look way too light for my tastes unless it is June/July/August. Other pics look darker and might be gorgeous for this time of year. The Zucca was really tempting, and I might have been able to get away with spending a bit less, but I wasn't as crazy for the Tortuga handles as for the braided ones. The braided handle was really one of the details that attracted me to look at Spies in the first place.

    Spend some time on the celeb threads and the other threads that show pics of spies, of tpf-ers modeling their spies, etc. I really learned ALOT that way! Good Luck with the hunt. It is fun, that's for sure!
  6. As for me,I would want to buy the black spy maybe on my next purse purchase... bcoz it's just sooo classic looking and just love it! But I do have the zucca/nappa spy and the stripey denim spy which i loved the most & great for all seasons...goodluck
  7. As for me,I would want to buy the black spy maybe on my next purse purchase... bcoz it's just sooo classic looking and just love it! But I do have the zucca/nappa spy and the stripey denim spy which i loved the most & great for all seasons...goodluck on ur decision...
  8. Ooops! sorry I double posted...
  9. I have a grey wisteria and I absolutely love it. I think it looks even better in honey!

    I also have the black patent spy and it's my all time favorite. It goes with everything! When I got it, I wasn't sure how practical it would be, but it has become one of y "go to" bags and the one spy I would never, ever part with.

    All that said, I love the classics: brown, black, denim, petrol, etc. :heart:
  10. I've been thinking about the same thing. A spy bag is definately on my wish list and debating about the black. I have black bags but they are all small. What I'm not sure about is the gold trim. The petrol is another option and theres one on eBay thats already been authenticated. It didn't sell the first time and is relisted. Very pretty! Unfortunately, I'm on a spending ban for a few mos.:yucky:
  11. Oh, I didn't know that petrol spy was authenticated here already. I just saw it and posted the listing to authenticate. Is the petrol easy to match? I am leaning towards the black, but the blueberry seems so nice in pics, is it just the lighting in the store that makes it look darker?
  12. Since you already have a lot of dark brown and black bags, maybe you should try a lighter bag or one with color. The Honey is gorgeous if you want a lighter neutral and it will be very versatile. Here are a few favorites on my wish list............






    Zucca/Chocolate Nappa


    Have fun shopping for your new bag!!!:heart:
  13. Lol Queen D, let me guess, by you creating this thread, it hasn't helped with your decision making right? ;)I'm guessing it's just made it that much harder to choose! So many colours! :nuts:

    My opinion is that you should choose a colour after deciding on....
    1) whether you want a brand new one
    2) or if you don't mind a 2nd hand one
  14. My favorite color is cherry!
  15. There is now the zucca with the braided handles, the sides are metallic goldish. I have it and love it. Tho it is more expensive than the tortuga zucca/nappa.
    Just another option of the endless choices to choose from ;0).
    If I were to get another spy, i would go for the honey wisteria..elegant and beautiful!