I want a Speedy 30 multi Black

  1. I really want to buy one, but keep putting it off because of the cost. I have been checking on eBay, but I can't believe the prices they want for a used one.

    Then I am also afraid I might get a fake one, Saw one today sent it to see if it was real, got email they said it was, 1400.00 brand new, time I went back it was gone!

    Oh well life goes on.

    I guess the reason is I change my bags so often, and if I don't like it then I am out the money, Oh maybe one day I will break down and buy one.

    Well have a good day everyone!:heart::rolleyes:
  2. That's the beauty of buying expensive, timeless bags....when you're tired of them, you can put them away and a few months later or even a few years later, you can take them out and use it again.

    I've been wanting a piano, but kept putting it off. When I first had interest in it it was only around $750. Now it's almost $1K! I should've bought it then! UGH!

    For your 1st LV, I'd suggest to go to the LV store or Neiman's and not risk buying a fake from eBay. Plus going to the store will enhace the whole LV-buying experience.
  3. I have the black MC speedy and love it. gorgeous bag. keep checking ebay, they pop up often. good luck.
  4. LV does price increases too, so get one while it is less. It is a great bag and you won't regret it!
  5. I wanted the black MC speedy, but I went to the LV store and saw it and it was way toooo HUGE for me! So that saved me and I got the Eliza. But it is such a beautiful bag it was very tempting.
  6. Yes, before buying on eBay, post in the authenticity thread. There's a lot of good deals out there. I sold mine for $1000 in mint condition. Just needed the money at the time to fund another bag! Welcome to TPF!
  7. I love speedy and I love multicolore line. If I were going to buy a mc speedy, it gotta be black since I already have a mc white priscilla.

    Welcome to TPF and hope you'll get the bag you really like soon