I want a Sofia bag

  1. I just got my first Ferragamo -> malto sofia!!!! (see my reveal for pics)
  2. I was wondering if anyone has seen the new salt & pepper canvas coloured Sofia? I've been told from my SA that one was coming in and I'm holding off getting the classic black one as I am more interested in this one that she was describing to me!
  3. get yellow color
  4. Modeling Pics? indeed! I rented "The Bounty Hunter" and simply enjoyed Jennifer Anniston modeling it throughout... immediately, i ordered one just like hers. (i'm such a copycat :smile:
  5. I believe there are some coral and or red sofia handbags available at the Woodbury outlet. A very helpful SA emailed me these pics a few days ago.
  6. Cocobean...do you how much the bags were at Woodbury? Thank you!
  7. Please don't quote me, as I wrote down the info but left it at work. I do believe the SA Rich ( who is awesome and extremely helpful) priced them at @ $1229 or so. I previously bought a large sofia from Woodbury and it was priced at $1294 marked down from $1990, so I could be wrong on the price of the medium. The phone number for the outlet is 845-928-7116 and I'm sure they can help out.
  8. Hi
    I am a usual YSL fan. Last Saturday I went for another bag and I bought a Sofia ( olive green) bag. It is gorgeous. Very lucky:yahoo:
  9. congrats! Post pics pls
  10. oh yes! plz do post pics of that lovely new olive Sofia!

    and my screen has lipstick on it because i just kissed that coral Sofia "goodnight" :o)

    and... if i had the black patent small Sofia, 'then' i'd FINALLY be happy ;o)
  11. which hosting sites can i use to upload pics.
    imageshark doesn't work for me
  12. I tried
    f1.JPG f2.JPG f3.JPG
  13. Great modelling pics Tash! Sofia nd you look good together.
  14. This might be a silly question, but is the black Sofia part of the permanent collection? I've been told by an SA here in Australia that is seasonal... is that right?

  15. thanx;)