I want a Sofia bag

  1. I am still looking for a sofia bag, I can not decide which color should I get? I don't like black since all my bags are black. What color do they come with beside black/red/brown/coral? I want the medium size for traveling purpose
  2. There's a lovely bronze color available right now. Also some really fun "patchwork" ones. If you can get to a Ferragamo boutique, go look in person!

    I also know an SA who is happy to provide photos and describe colors over the phone. His name is Seth and he's at 415-391-6565
  3. After seeing Jennifer Anniston carry the large black Sofia in "Bounty Hunter," I called the Ferragamo Outlet in Cabazon, CA. Michael, the asst mngr, shipped me one quick, fast, and in a hurry :smile: Black lg Sofia at boutique is $1894. I paid $1294 plus $15 FedEx. My new baby arrived practically overnight. I adore her. I must say, the creme color in the boutique was incredible. (but i can't get a light color for my children to slop up ;o)
  4. I have been trying to figure out whether Jennifer's Sofia is large or medium. Can someone please help me identify the size?

  5. Jennifer Aniston has the medium one in the Bounty Hunter, which is listed on the Ferragamo site as 41 cm in lenght. I have that same bag and it looks the same size as hers. I also had the smaller Sofia, which is 35 cm in lenght and it looked a lot smaller. Katie Holmes has the large (I think it is about 50 cm in lenght) in silver, there are pictures on the internet of her carrying it, and it looks very big, a bit like luggage.
  6. elinasofia, thank you so much :smile:. I'm new to SF and fell in love with several SF handbags. I'm surprised that SF forum is not as active as a few other forums. Thanks again.
  7. My pleasure:smile:
  8. Just the other day when I was browsing at Ferragamo in Vancouver, I saw a beautiful yellow coloured sofia bag. It is over $ 1500 in Canadian price.
  9. I am nutty over SF bags and shoes, and am also surprised we are so low traffic. We also do not have regular authenticators.

    I really like the Sofia collection. I have a large soft Sofia in tulipan python. Jessicat, I think you should definitely get a Sofia. Since this collection was introduced, it has sold very well, so Ferragamo has kept it in their stable. Check out the Ferragamo website. The bronze and dark red soft Sofias are there, as well as the more structured Sofia.
  10. My SA told me that Ferragamo was a "quiet luxury brand". As Christina Ortiz, designer of ready-to-wear for the brand, puts it: "My Ferragamo woman isn't a fashion victim or a show-off."
  11. I have my eyes set for a Sofia too at the moment! Does anyone have modelling pics of the bag?
  12. Thanks for the links :ty:

    I think I will have to have a good look at one next week at the boutique!
  13. I would definitely agree with that.
  14. Proud to join the group of sofia owners. I got mine in the medium size in tan as a holiday pressie from hubby! Will try and post pics soon.:yahoo: