I want a shoulder bag!!! any suggestion!!!

  1. Hello all!!! I really want a shoulder bag...i currently have the speedy 25 which i LOVE!!! but i really want a shoulder bag, because some times when im out i just dont wanna hold my speedy! I like larger bags and probally want to go with Damier!!! any suggestion would be great! THANKS!!!!!:p
  2. The BH or BV would be nice. Sorry, I can't spell the long version.
    If you like Damier maybe the Saleya?
  3. I was thinking the BH....i think i might like that better than the BV but im not sure!!!!

    and the saleya im not to sure about!
  4. For a large Damier shoulder bag, may I recommend:

    Belem MM:

    Saleya PM/MM

    And maybe the Hampstead...? Although I'm not a fan of it, I think many TPFers will recommend it:
  5. hummm im starting to like the look of the Saleya!!! i wasnt so sure about it before but the more i look at the more i like it!!!
  6. I say go for the Damier Belem MM. It is delicious!
  7. My vote would be Saleya! It's stunning!
  8. Saleya is lovely
  9. Chelsea?

    I also like the look of the Hampstead.

    Saleya is nice looking but I tend to over load my bags adn the rolled handles would be uncomfortable.
  10. Saleya is my vote too...Or the Marais.
  11. Here are a few shots of my saleya - i love it!!:nuts:
    Azur II.JPG Saleya inside I.JPG Just Louis.JPG Azur Saleya MM.JPG
  12. I have the Saleya MM and I love it! I'm also a Damier fan. But, I think BH is a better, more comfortable shoulder bag.
  13. I vote for the BH. It's such a classically beautiful bag, roomy and very versatile!
  14. If it must be damier, then I like Saleya PM or MM.
  15. Saleya or BH!