I Want a Red Coach Bag!

  1. I am looking for something in red!!:heart: I would realy like to see pics if any of you guys have any!!
    :love:Thanks in advance!:love:
  2. The smaller bag in front is a red Coach, it's from 2003. It was the very first designer bag I bought : )

  3. How about this one? It's absolutely gorgeous in person...
  4. I agree w/TejasMama - that embossed leather bag is TDF!
  5. Well I don't personally have these bags but they're at the website and they look so gorgeous!
    red1.JPG red2.JPG red3.JPG
  6. The ruby gallery tote is gorgeous!! I would love to own that bag!
  7. Oh, yeah, a Carly. Or maybe a red patent Ergo.
  8. It sure is. I :heart: it!
  9. I love the embossed leather or the Chili Carly!! I don't own a red bag b/c I'm afraid of color. Maybe I should venture out...
  10. Yes, you should! Just a little enabling in case you need it..:graucho:
  11. get a red carly!! I almost got it this weekend its gorgeous!!!
  12. The embossed carryall is so beautiful. I just bought the large white one. TDF!
  13. This one:drool:

  14. I just got the red Chili Carly and I looooove it! It's a beautiful red, not a cheap fire engine red, but a deeper chili red without being burgundy. The brass hardware really contrasts with the red. It's in the stores for fall 2007, take a look!
  15. I'm loving the new red Carly.