I want a Raquel!

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  1. Ladies...I really want to get my hands on the Raquel bag in black.

    Anyone seen any? Where? How much? I believe it's from the Spring 2007 line.

    Any help is appreciated!

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  2. there's a cheap one on ebay but its the blush colour ... im tempted to get it but i dont really 'dig' the blush ... have you checked with the stores?
  3. I haven't checked out ebay...do you have the link?
  4. just type in marc jacobs, raquel ... its so cheap, like less than $400 ... i wish i could deal with that colour but with the gold chain i think its just too blingy.
  5. Just found it...it's a little gold for me even though it says blush...I really want to get my hands on the black one. I know Barney's in NY has one but they don't ship to Canada :sad:
  6. maybe someone in the US can help you (i.e they CP it for you from barneys and then send it to you??) How much is it there?
  7. It's 995...eLuxury had it on sale for about $600 but they sold out...
  8. There's one on ebay right now, price is great since it's the same price as when it was on sale at eluxury I think and Barneysny.com is full price ($995). Sorry, don't know how to paste a link but you can search for "black raquel." hope this helps!
  9. I believe I saw 2 black ones on e-bay..lemme look
  10. LOL thanks Kim
  11. :lol: You're right.

    OP hope you find your bag! Spot always has the best finds.
  12. i like the chain. you gotta have a bit of bling on your bag especially if your clothes are very simple and classic. hardware on a bag becomes a great accessory. come on, guys. it's not like it's a juicy couture bag where there's hardware overload. case in point:


  13. I've gone blind. Thanks Kim. LOL ITA though, I love that chain on the Raquel.