I want a PVC Cabas bag!

  1. I live in Tallahassee, FL (no Chanel boutique) and I never knew when the bags came out. (I now know to look on the Chanel website seasonally.) Does anyone have a SA that might be able to find me one? I was told that retail on the bag was $999 (when it first came out) when I visited a great boutique in Saks in Boca Raton, FL. Have prices increased, and is that for all sizes or is there only one size for the vinyl? I love Chanel and love collecting them. I cannot believe I missed this collection! :crybaby: Thank you!
  2. I recently saw them at Saks in Chevy Chase, MD. I think they went on sale, but not sure.
  3. I will check it out! Thank you very much!
  4. The number is 240 497-5355 or 301 657-9000.
  5. Thank you, I will phone tomorrow! Should I tell them your name for referral?
  6. I just called because I've been on a hunt for this bag too-sadly, Manuel said they don't have it :crybaby:
  7. Ahh, thanks, the only SA that knows me over at Saks is Seamus (Shay-mus). Best of luck, hope you get it.
  8. Seamus is great and so is Lauren.
    I am not to found of Manual. On the many occasions I have dealt with him, he has not been helpful at all. He wont go out of his way to "search" for anything...
    Thats in my exp, maybe you guys have had better luck

  9. Toni I agree ... LOL
    I was there on Friday and he was upset that I did not purchase the lady braid from him. I told him that I would buy a card holder and he was like "That's It". Maybe he does not mean anything by it. I love Lauren she's great. According to Manuel she works in Gucci.

  10. I appreciate it! I spoke with Lauren and she stated that they do not have any of these bags! Those that are selling them on eBay are asking (and getting) well above what Chanel's retail was. I will just have to kick myself for a long time for not purchasing when I should've! Shelly
  11. So sorry, it did not work out. They were there a little while ago, but I guess sold out. I will keep my eyes open for you.
  12. Hate ebay even more now:cursing:
  13. I don't like that attitude at all, even if he did not mean that. I will not shop with SAs that are pushy. What, where and when to buy is up to me. Pushy SAs make me feel guilty just because I don't purchase from them, I hate that feeling:push:

  14. Thank you, Michele! I will keep trying! Shelly