I want a pomp...why should I get one?

  1. I should be on a ban because I've gone absolutely NUTS :nuts: (like lock me up nuts) lately with buying. I've rehomed more babies than I have coming in (so far) though. :shame::shocked:

    I REALLY want a Pomp and drooled over them for so long!! I have the 20% off coupon from today, but I'm not sure now what I want.

    My reasons I think I would use it. 1) I would carry something larger like the Trophy and be able to grab out the pomp for short trips or for my dreaded locker at work. I got nothin' else.

    Reasons I may not use it...:roflmfao: But seriously I "worry" I may not use it as that happens with my HH obsession. I just have things around. 99% of my "collection" consists of handbags and a few wallets.

    If this helps...I LOVE my Coach Skinny Mini. LOVE IT! I don't carry any Coach anymore, but that. Maybe I want the Pilot?

  2. Maybe you do want the pilot. I love the coach skinny mini too, I try changing it once in a while and I always go back, it would work great with the pilot. I tried the pomp a few times and it never worked for me...it doesn't keep me from having a pomp in my wish list though!
  3. This is a great thread. I want one too but still don't know why or IF I really need one.
    I hope we get more input!
  4. ^same here. I think I just want one because it comes in Candy Apple.
  5. ADD me to this bunch! I've been trying to choose a POMP color but then I wonder if I even need the darn thing. I keep thinking I'll carry it like a clutch since I've gone to much smaller these purses these days...but then I just don't know. Will be waiting for the hotties WITH pomps to give us some advice!!!
  6. I had a pomp and it was too big (wonk wonk :graucho:) for my needs...

    I went back/stayed w the pilot. Everything just kinda floated around in the pomp; I really didn't have multiple lipgloses, lotsa cards, huge phone, what else to shove in there the way (I guess) some peeps can. The pilot fits everything better for me bc it's snug in there, no wasted space.

    In short, I'd get a pilot if you're on the fence. You can always "upgrade" later, lol!
  7. I think it depends what you look for in a wallet. If you only need to carry 8 or fewer cards, cash (prefer unfolded not like the pilot), phone, and some other small items AND like the longer strap for wearing then the pomp is for you. It does take up about the same amount of room as a large regular wallet in your purse.

    If you prefer a smaller wallet that you carry by a wristlet strap only and don't mind folding bills then the pilot is a better choice. There is still room for a phone and a few small items in the front pocket (meds, lip gloss, stuff like that).

    For me, I love that when I want to run a quick errand I can put my phone in the pomp and have all my wallet stuff but be hands free.
  8. I love both the pilot and pomp for different reasons. The big plus to the pomp (as previously stated) is that if you need to be handsfree, it's perfect. I've used it as a transfer wallet b/t bags as it fits everything I carry in a wallet plus those pesky rewards cards that don't always fit. If you're a total wallet minimalist though and large wallets bug you and you never would have a need for the crossbody feature, than pilot is probably better. Yup...waffling I am!:lol:
  9. Do you feel like the Pompidou could be used comfortably as a regular wallet? I have been using a Clara Clutch Wallet for ages and wanted to switch to a lighter wallet, but am not sure if I can downsize after being used to the checkbook-sized wallet for so long. And the London Pomp is tempting me... :graucho:
  10. I don't know if I can help much. Pomp to me is really like a clutch/wristlet. More like something I take to dinner OR when going for a walk. I have used it as a wallet in a big briefcase bag but as far as actual real wallets go the clutch wallet or my fave M0851 wallet do a better job as a wallet.

    Pilot is not a clutch or cross body for me to carry if I am going for a walk. It is a little travel wallet to me. I would struggle if I had to choose one over the other...
  11. It is not really a sub for a regular wallet. There are only 4 cc slots (though they are roomy) and a big open space in the center, front pocket, and coin pocket. If you are used to a wallet with a slot for everything you have to know that the pomp isn't that. If you are mostly planning to use it within a bag then it's probably not the best choice, honestly. But if you're like me and half the time need JUST a minimalist wallet it is a great choice.

    Of course you could try to get your hands on an older one because they have 8 cc slots and 2 slip pockets for cash and receipts.
  12. I LOVE my pomps!! I use them as my wallet and think they are great and very convenient! If you have been wanting one for a while, go for it!
  13. This was very helpful, thank you!
    I don't think the pomp would fit my needs. :sad:
  14. I agree with rubyam (BTW, hi, rubyam!!! haven't "seen" you in ages. I just don't frequent the same boards anymore, do you?;)) as for the organization of the pomp. If you need a slot for everything and don't want cards sharing slots, the pomp isn't a great choice unless you don't have many cards - esp with the new pomp configuration. FWIW though, even with my older style pomp, I have certain cards I keep in the card slots and then others that I carry in a card case and it worked great for me. Another friend of mine used a cc case similar to the lodis one in hers. I can ask her which brand specifically she used if that helps anyone. Not trying to enable anyone into buying something that just doesn't work for her, but trying to point out how versatile the pomp can be.:cool: Most recently, I used it as a vacation wallet/clutch. When we were somewhere I needed a tote bag, it became a wallet in my bag. When we were somewhere that I only needed money/cc's/phone/lipgloss, it was my crossbody. My point and shoot camera would never fit in the pomp or pilot (unless it was the only thing I was carrying), but I know many have slimmer cameras that could've fit too.

    You all are making me think it's time to swap out wallets - AGAIN!:lol:
  15. I am not really a fanny pack gal....does the pomp work well with the shoulder strap, either as a cross-body or just regular on the shoulder? what about as a clutch? what is your preferred way to wear it?