I want a Pink Sapphire Ring - need help

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  1. Hey all,

    I passed by an independent jewellery store yesterday and I saw a pink sapphire ring sort of like the pic I attached below but it's round instead of oval. I can't really remember the specs. I think the diamonds were .70ct.....14K white gold...can't remember for the sapphire. I'm wondering if it would be cheaper if I purchased the setting and the gem separately (with around the same specs)?

    The one at the store is about $1500cdn and my bf and I want to buy it for our 3 year anniversary. We've never purchased jewellery at this price before so we want to get the best value if we're going to spend this much.

    Advice much appreciated :yes:

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  2. You many want to look at [​IMG] to get information on pink sapphires. My DH and I went jewelry shopping today and I fell in love with a pink sapphire necklace. I had never heard of the stone before and didn't have enough education to buy it then, but I came home and did some research.

    A couple of other helpful sites are [​IMG] and [​IMG]

    The ring in your picture is really, really pretty!
  3. Thanks! gemstone.com didn't work for me but diamondtalk.com is great!! yah I'm thinking of going back to the store and getting the full specs.
  4. One website that I really like for sapphires is thenaturalsaphhirecompany.com. I hope that helps!
  5. Another great website for colored gemstones is www.cherrypicked.com. They will actually send you gems on consignment that match your specs.

    BTW, sapphires come in every color except for red, because a red sapphire is a ruby. So a pink sapphire is basically a less-intense ruby. They are very durable stones. My engagement stone is a blue sapphire.
  6. Thanks guys! I will check out those sites for sure. I didn'tk now sapphires came in so many colours. I thought only blue and pink.
  7. That seems to be a pretty good price, (my pink sapphire ring has .3 ct of diamonds and normal retail is just under 1000 AUD- so about 800-850 USD), it depends on the grading of the stones and such. And yeah, thenaturalsapphirecompany.com is good!
  8. check costco too.
  9. yah?? I don't have a membership..but I could get a friend to check for me. Thanks! I'm going back to the jewellery store tonight to get the specs.
  10. ^^You can go online to see their entire collection of jewelry.

    Thanks for the link to The Natural Sapphire Company! I'd love a sapphire or ruby as the center stone for an e-ring someday.
  11. Oh yah didn't think of checking their site! And I totally agree with you on the e-ring. :yes:
  12. i have two stones from cherrypicked -- richard and jerry are the best. :yes: and i think they're prices are excellent for top-of-the-line gems.
  13. ducky, i haven't bought from them (yet), but i hear nothing but good things. and the very cool thing is that they deal primarily in untreated sapphires -- the vast majority, like over 90% of sapphires, are treated with heat to achieve the colors. it's a perfectly legitimate gemstone treatment, but it's more special (and a better investment) when they come right out of the earth this color:
  14. dressage queen, thanks for the info! I have no idea about the treated gems.

    I went back to the store today and the ring has .75ct diamonds and .70 sapphire..it's 14K white gold. Regular price is $2990cdn or something close to that...they have a 40% off sale going on.