I Want A Pink Chanel Handbag

  1. I really want pink Chanel handbag medium size - can anyone tell me if any of the ones offerd on ebay are real - Help - thanks
  2. you should post ebay auctions in the authenticity thread and we will be more than happy to help!
  3. don't trust ebay...

    the medium classic flap is $1595 and has either gold or silver hardware
    and there is also a small caviar tote for $1,095 and then there is the medallion bag which is $1650...

    NM in San Antonio has them all...
  4. go for the pink medallion tote with silver hardware. i have one and i love it.. classic
  5. ^ Can you post a pic?
  6. I've never seen a Pink Medallion tote post a pic, please? Would love to see it!!!