I Want A Pink Chanel Bag!!

  1. I Seriously, Seriously SERIOUSLY... want a PINK CHANEL BAG!! :push: I'm still thinking over the Pink Luxe Bowler because I still think it's a bit out of my budget and the seller (from eBay) didn't e-mail me back after our chat yesterday... please PLEASE please help me indulge and bias me with other Pink Chanel Bags that is cheaper than the Pink Luxe Bowler...
  2. Please help me biased my mind away from the Pink Luxe Bowler.. Huhuhu...
  3. ^^ you're so cute RIca

    how about pink flap? I just love flaps and I think I saw a pink PST somewhere its cute too
  4. LOL! I've had enough of flaps.. LOL.. Anything other of flaps?
  5. ^^ I think I saw a pink medallion tote pic under minal's thread..it's cute too

    LOL - yeah I think my next Chanel bag will not be a flap

    btw, how are ur patent bags holding up? I"m getting a patent reissue and I want to make sure I take proper care of it coz I did not in the past and I had a bag which turned out a little 'sticky'..
  6. OT: ^My Navy Patent is quite ok.. Yeah, sometimes it's a bit sticky because of the moist..

    How about the Pink Caviar Bowler? Is that ok?