I want a piece of everything.....

  1. So I have my Coach stuff, I got my LV Speedy, now suprisingly I can't stop staring at Balenciaga's:amazed:

    Anyone else want a toe in every line rather than sticking to one designer?
  2. I'm the same way, I have a wandering eye too! LOL:graucho:

    I love LV, I just got a cute little Coach and I wish they sold Balenciaga in the Chicago area so I could go drool over them.
  3. I'm the same way as well ... I try to have at least one bag from every designer.
  4. balenciaga is apparently sold at Barneys in chicago, as well as at a boutique called Shirise in the chicago area.
    I have an LV, Coach, & Burberry...and the next three on my list are a Balenciaga, a new fall edition LV, and a Marc Jacobs.
    I just like the style of them, and like trying new brands/styles. My wardrobe is a whole bunch of different designers so my handbag collection will be to!
  5. My collection is very diversified. I shop the bag not the line KWIM? In my collection I have LV, Bottega Veneta, Ferragamo, Gucci, Dior, Judith Leiber, MJ, Chanel, Kate Spade, Emilio Pucci, Mulberry, Tod's, Balenciaga, Fendi, and Etro.
  6. Thanks Twiggers. I don't get into the city that often. Parking is outrageous!
  7. On yeah - I totally want a piece of everything - I have Dior, Mulberry, Chloe, Luella, Chanel and Lulu Guiness in my coleection plus a ton of vintage. I go for whatever bag I like no matter what the name is - having said that there are particular lines I lean towards. I'm ever so fond of Mulberry for instance - I guess 'cos the firm is British like me!!
  8. They also sell Balenciaga at Saks in Chicago as well, but I like Barneys' presentation & selection better.

    I definitely have a wandering eye, I'm trying to decide between 3 different bags right now!

  9. Sherise is in Glencoe, so no need to pay for parking there :smile:

    ETA: to answer the original topic... I'm the same way... I never want a lot of one thing. My collection isn't that huge, but its diverse. Never a lot of one thing... and I'm looking at the ones that I'm currently eyeing and they are 4 different brands too...I look at it as having a well rounded collection!
  10. Yes! I like unique bags so one style in lots of different colors doesn't really appeal to me. I prefer to have different bags in different colors and different styles. :biggrin:
  11. I'm the exact same way! So far I have a Burberry, LV, Balenciaga, & Chanel. I dunno where to go next!
  12. I hear ya soccermom (I drive a monstrosity of a pickup truck too..that is horrible to try and park in the tiny garages!). I try to take the train in now....but even that is a PITA because I have to lug my bags around all over the place ...and the Giordanos pizza that hubby always makes me bring home!
  13. me too! i try to diversify
  14. I didn't know they had bbags at Saks in Chicago. I was just there. Can't believe I missed them. They are also sold at Blake which is on Chicago in River North.
  15. I may love one deisnger, but, I try to get one of everything before settling on just one designer :smile:
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