I want a new LV bag? but which one?

  1. Hey so Ive decided I want a new LV bag a lil early b'day present for my self hehe, I was considering the multicolore Priscilla? what u do u gurls think? or ne other ones that are nicer?
  2. I don't have that one, but it's a pretty choice! I am starting on my Damier phase, so my recommendation would be the Damier papillion 30 since it comes with a matching accessories pouch (a papillion mini-me)!
  3. The MC Priscilla is a beautiful choice:yes: Do you like handheld or shoulder bag though?
  4. I really like the Pricillia! I just saw it IRL for the first time a couple of days ago and it's gorgeous! It's bigger than I thought it would be which is a good thing. Some of the girls around here say it's hard to get in and out of though. :shrugs: Are you thinking of getting it in white or black?
  5. oh really? hmm white I suppose I dont like the black? or the black would be less common colour to get rite? I dont really mind if its handheld or shoulder bag. As long as its nice :smile:
  6. Cute choice!!!! I think you should get the shoulder bag....it would be more functional!!!
  7. I personally didn't really like the Priscilla IRL.. When I saw pics of it online I was in love, but when I went to the LV boutique to try on the Priscilla it just didn't look right on me! Sort of like a toy, especially from the side... I much prefer the MC Trouville over Priscilla, it's much prettier and also easier to get in and out of, plus it has stunning hardware! Good luck...
  8. Do u have something from MC line already? if not I think its a great idea :smile:
  9. I luv luv the Damis...so I would say....Damier Alma or a Chelsea.......

    They are classy, functional, and chic....cant go wrong!!!:yes:
  10. my choice for you: MC speedy, though high in price, u will adore it forever.
  11. You should get the Priscilla...you love it so go for it!

  12. I say go for the priscilla...it is a beautiful handbag...I love it in the white mc!
  13. First do you want a handheld bag? I love the style of the Priscilla, but thought it was too small when I saw it in person for my needs. I would go for a Speedy or an Alma.
  14. It'd be lovely in white MC ! :yes:
  15. hmm its so hard I just dont no? *confused*