I want a New Everyday Watch...Suggestions?

  1. Ok ladies - once again I am calling on you all for your suggestions! Now that summertime is here and I am on full-time mom alert, I need a non-corny watch that I can wear everyday and be punctual to all my events. I kind of have my eye on one of those sporty movado watches, but need something that is casual enough but sexy enough too for every day wear without looking like a soccer mom! (not that there is anything wrong with soccer moms)!!!
  2. I really like some of the Citizen Eco-drive watches. You never have to replace a battery!
  3. a decent steel rolex lady or midsize datejust
    it holds its value
    it is amechanical watch (automatic)
    it withstands all situations in daily life with not problems
    it is waterproof
    it is good looking
  4. I wear a Philip Stein Teslar watch everyday (it has a dual face). I can keep up with the time here and back east where my mom lives (and where most of my work contacts are located)
  5. Cartier Tank
  6. I have a Citizen eco drive watch and it is fabulous! no batteries, and they come in a multitude of styles.

    this is my watch:

    It's cheaper now than when I bought it-I paid $200 for it.

    Here's a link to a bunch of them:
  7. I agree!
  8. I have several nice watches. The one that is the most wearable everyday, but still stylish is my Breitling.

  9. I'm a watch dealer so I'm probably a little biased. I love pre-owned and vintage pieces. Especially vintage pink gold watches, Rolexes and also the more unique looking watches- Hermes Kelly.
  10. I wear a Michele Deco watch with a diamond bezel and I love it.
    The straps are interchangable and that little detail gives the watch a whole new look.
    I wear a denim strap for casual/everyday and then I have croco straps to match my outfits.
  11. My everyday watch is Bulova. It's silver with gold. My first one lasted for 10 years. I'm on my second one now. I am NOT very nice to my watches. They get banged around and must be water resistant. I have 2 girls under 5 so a watch must withstand them too.
  12. What is your price range? My first choice would be a Cartier tank. It's a classic. It's pricey though. Next in line would be an Ebel. I like the Beluga. Next would be Raymond Weil. I have one with a leather strap which makes it a little sporty but the face has some diamonds to make it a little fancy. I also bought three different colored bands so it's like having several watches. I have a light blue band, a pink band, and a light green band.
  13. My every day watch is a two-tone (gold/stainless) Rolex with datejust. I also LOVE the Cartier Tank watches and the Michelle watches are fun.

  14. I agree. I love my Rolex.
  15. I second the Rolex steel watch if you're gonna wear it everyday.

    I also suggest the Tag Heuer watch...
    Less $$$ than the Rolex but soooo durable.
    I've worn mine for 6 years and doesn't have a single scratch!!