i want a new bag! any suggestions?

  1. i recently received a mid-year bonus for all the overtime i've been working lately, so i was thinking that i would reward myself with a new mj bag from the fall collection. i was thinking of this one:


    what do you guys think? too serious? do you have any suggestions for me? i was also considering a quilted stam in grey.


    i want to stay away from the soft calf collection because of the blake and mp i recently acquired. any help would be appreciated! tia!

  2. i really like both bags, but if i were you, i'd go for the first bag. that gold hardware is gorgeous. looks very roomy too. goodluck!
  3. The grey looks heavenly!!! Not a fan of the first..looks too heavy for me but I like the style.

    The Stam looks more versatile.
  4. I love them both!!
  5. They are both gorgeous! Iwould go with the Stam though...it's classic and more versatile. IMO :smile:
  6. What about the Alyona? That's one of my favs for fall!


  7. I LOVE the first bag. It looks so versatile!
  8. agreed!
  9. First off, congrats on the extra $$ coming your way. Sounds like you really earned it! I'm glad you're buying a new bag with it. I like both bags but I vote for the Stam. I just love that color so much.
  10. The quilted grey stam is quite classic...and gorgeous!!
  11. Wow.. hard decision! I say go with the first, it looks very classy and versatile. I always sway toward the shoulder bags over the satchel styles.
  12. thanks for all the suggestions, everyone!

    the more i look at the first bag, the more i'm loving it. as much as i love the grey color, i already have a stam. i'm going to the mj boutique soon, so i can see the bag in person. hopefully, it's as gorgeous irl as it is online. if i do end up getting it, i'll post pictures asap!
  13. Going to the boutique is the way to go! When they are all there together one will definately stand out to you.

    Every time you go to the MJ boutique with a plan you seem to walk out with a different bag than you went in for. That's the best part. That and walking around with a giant MJ bag for the rest of the afternoon.